The Brunette Across The Room, Part Four

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Read Part 1,Part 2,and Part 3.

One year following Part Three.

He tries her little sister when three phone calls in ten minutes to his now ex-girlfriend go straight to voicemail.

His mind is racing wondering what she’s doing, who she’s with, and (most importantly) who she’s fucking. What the hell can do about it from 1,000 miles away? Any sense of control over this situation has long been surrendered. He is a lost puppy. A man on fire.

Little sister picks up on the third ring.

“I’ve convinced her to call you back. But you’ve got to keep it together, dude. You can’t break down the minute she tells you that this break up is for real because right now it is real. She needs space.”

He agrees to keep his emotions intact, only to feel his bottom lip start to quiver the second he assures his ex-girlfriend’s sister that he can do what she’s asking.

He starts crying ten minutes into the conversation with the ex, and they will not speak for three months following this short, very blunt phone call.

It was officially over, and it had all started that night about a year ago when he had haphazardly thrown a beer on some guy whom he couldn’t pick out of a lineup now.

Jealousy had reared it’s ugly head one too many times and they were officially done. He had a job to report to halfway across the country and for the moment, she wanted nothing to do with him.

A broken heart might as well be a generalized anesthetic. The body and mind are shell shocked. Coming to grips with the fact that it’s over does not happen overnight. It happens weeks, months, sometimes years after the initial blow.

Everything happening around the people involved in a breakup is foggy nothingness.

A woman has the ability to get over it faster. Going out and having a one-night stand with a stranger usually takes their mind off of things, but this is only a temporary solution.

A male has it a little bit harder in the weeks following the end of a serious relationship, however, your narrator is obviously biased. A man cannot just go out and decide he wants to get have sex. It takes work. A mind that isn’t consumed with thoughts about what his former girlfriend is doing. Oftentimes you’ll find a man who has just been broken up with stumbling over words whilst trying to hit on new women. This is not uncommon.

A man in the depths of a breakup is worth less than Nepalese currency on the world stage. He can’t sleep, eat, or work.

Waking up every day is a task and he’ll more or less go through the motions when need be – morose, confused, and unable to accept the fact that his relationship is nothing more than a memory now. A blip on the radar. A sham.

His friends call every few days to check in on him in his new city. He assures them that he’s going out. Meeting people. Seeing the sites and enjoying himself. He tells his parents similar things. In reality, he is slowly unraveling.

He’ll call her once or twice a week after a really heavy night of drinking with acquaintances from work.

She never answers, of course, but that is by design. She’s angry, and he’s not going to understand that this – this breakup – is for real unless she cuts him off completely.

Every now and again she feels bad about how everything ended up, but never bad enough to call and tell him that. She’s moving on, and he will too with time.

Yet through all of this – the drunk, rambling voicemails, text messages, and e-mails – she still loves him in a way. She’ll leave the door cracked for him to make a run at her, but not right now. Right now she needs time to process and someone else to fill the empty spot on the left side of the bed.

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