Things Girls Do After Graduation: Part-Time Job

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Things Girls Do After Graduation: Part-Time Job

“You know, Todd,” she began while stirring almond milk into her coffee. “I know you think I was totally crazy when I told you about wanting my real estate license–”

Todd quickly interrupted her, “I didn’t think you were crazy for that at all!”

She pursed her lips and looked at him with that sort of “come on” look that one gives when the other party is clearly blowing smoke.

“Anyway,” she continued, “The more I look into it, the more I realized that I really don’t know much about real estate.”

Todd nodded along.

But,” she emphasized, “I did have another idea.”

Todd readjusted on the couch, bending his leg and facing his body toward her. He had been wondering for the last month or so where she was in her progress to actually attain her real estate license only to realize on this Saturday morning that she hadn’t, in fact, done anything.

“So I was reading on Elite Daily about what this girl called ‘side hustles,'” she revealed. “It’s such a good way to supplement your income with another job that can provide you with, you know, fun money.”

He contemplated bringing up that the entire definition of a “side hustle” revolves around having a full-time job in the first place, but knew that conversation was destined for another day.

“Like, I know I can do this kind of stuff,” she further explained. “But everything I’ve done in the past – photography, Barre, whatevs – hasn’t been a job job, but more just a hobby that I’ve toyed with.”

Todd, again, nodded along.

“I think I need an actual job somewhere that I have to go to on a regularly scheduled basis,” she told him.

“Yeah, I think that would totally be good for you,” he agreed. Wondering what she had in mind, he decided to break and ask, “So what are you thinking?”

She walked from the kitchen to the couch and situated herself in the chair next to him. After crossing her legs, she began to explain. “Well, remember my old co-worker, Sarah?”

Todd confirmed despite not remembering the difference between the Sarahs and Jessicas she used to work with.

“Well, she quit, like, right after me and started working part-time at lulu.”

“Of course,” Todd thought to himself, not actually saying it aloud.

“…and I was just thinking about how much sense it makes. Like, she said she works about fifteen hours a week, saves so much money because she gets a discount there now, and said the job was mine at their Lincoln Street location if I wanted it.”

He reached forward and put his hand on her knee and affirmed, “I think that’s a great idea – you should go for it.”

Without listening to him, she continued while thinking back to the conversation she’d had with Caroline over poke.

“It’s just, I think we really need to start being more serious about our future,” she clarified.

Todd, confused by what she meant, inquired, “Uh, in what way?”

She wanted to tread lightly for fear of it turning into an argument when, in reality, all she wanted was to slowly nudge Todd in the direction she’d wanted him to take for the better part of a year.

“I mean,” she started, “I just feel like we might be coasting along.”

Todd looked puzzled.

“Like, look at Caroline and John for example,” she proceeded while looking downward at what Todd tried to figure out was her coffee or her empty ring finger. “They met, fell in love, got engaged, and are now considering even having a baby.” She didn’t actually have confirmation that Caroline and John wanted to have a baby, but the words came out of her mouth faster than she could reel them in.

“Wait,” Todd stopped her, “They’re thinking about having a kid? John just told me two days ago that he wasn’t sure they were ready for another dog.”

“I swear, Todd,” she interrupted, “If you say anything to him about me saying that, I’ll literally kill you.”

Todd laughed preposterously before reassuring her, “I’m not going to say anything, babe, it just seems out of left field that they’d think about that sort of thing.”

“That’s not the point,” she told him sternly. “The point I’m making is that it feels like everyone’s moving at a faster pace than we are, and it’s time we catch up to them.”

“How does any of this have anything to do with you getting a part-time job at lulu-fucking-lemon?” Todd asked, quickly realizing his tone was going to further escalate things. “Sorry, sorry, I know where you’re going with this and-”

She interrupted him again, “It’s just time we start taking our lives more seriously, Todd, and if that means I have to pick up a job to help pay for certain things you aren’t willing to buy right now, so be it.”

“Wait,” he hesitated, “Are you talking about me not–”

“No,” she interrupted again, “I’m not talking about anything in particular.”

She stood up from the seat while Todd sat on the couch with the remote in his hand. Walking back to the kitchen island, she picked up her phone and pressed a few buttons before putting it to her ear before exclaiming, “Sarah! Hi! So remember a few days ago when you talked about me possibly working with you? Well, I’m in.”

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