Not Liking Things Doesn’t Make You Cool

Not Liking Things Doesn’t Make You Cool

Last Sunday, a popular TV show named Game of Thrones began its seventh season. If you were on social media, the internet, or just alive at all, you probably heard a great deal about it. It’s a show with a wide and varied fan base, and to be honest, it probably seemed like everyone and their mother was talking about. However, the hype around this show also brought out a dark underbelly of society – the Game of Thrones hate group.

I’m not talking about people that don’t watch the show, don’t like the show, or even wish the show should exist. Those are all fine and valid opinions. I’m talking about the people that go out of their way to preach their hatred of the show and shit talk the fans. Seeing people bitterly arguing against the merits of a show they don’t have to watch made me realize that these are the same people that just love to hate things.

It’s not just a popular TV show. It’s your buddy that constantly talks about how “he doesn’t watch the NFL because he’s too cultured to watch grown men hit each other.” It’s your coworker that thinks that “anyone who watches movies with subtitles isn’t a real man.” It’s both the girl that studied abroad and now hates on all things American and it’s the guy who’s never left his home state and thinks all other cultures are dumb. Maybe it’s you. Hell, maybe it’s me.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to not like things or hate on things that are popular. Hell, there’s many things I don’t like that most people do. Cheese. House of Cards. Documentaries. Bicycles and bicyclists alike. I think bacon is overrated. The difference is, I don’t publicly hate these things in an effort to be cool. If someone asks your opinion on something you don’t like, by all means, make your views known. But don’t put others down for liking popular things and talk shit on things others enjoy for the sole purpose of making yourself look cool because it doesn’t work. When I see someone tweet about how much a popular movie sucks, or write a thousand words metaphorically blowing themselves on their “enlightened tastes,” I just see a cranky asshole.

If you go out of your way to talk about how you’re “unique” and “edgy” because you don’t something most people do, all I think is that you’re trying to cover the fact that you don’t actually have a personality. People with personalities care about stuff. They get excited about things they like, talk about what they’ve enjoyed, and try and share that with others. People without personalities just hate on things and make fun of others for being “sheep” in an effort to make themselves seem interesting. Instead of cultivating their interests and finding out what they enjoy, which takes effort, they tear others’ opinions down, which is easy. And it probably works, for a time. Hell, in high school there was no easier way to seem cooler than to be an edgy asshole. Bullies get laid. But the older we get, the less it works.

People don’t want to spend time with people who just hate on things. Adults don’t give a shit about being cool, or whether what they like is popular or not. People want to spend time with people that have interests, pursue those interests, and don’t put others down for having different interests. I’ve had multiple girls tell me that one of the most attractive things a guy can do is be genuinely excited about things he cares about, and I know I’d rather kick it with someone who gets passionate about things rather than just sits around hating on them. So, next time you feel the urge to talk shit about a popular hobby, just talk about something that you care about instead. You’ll be able to feel your personality developing in no time.

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