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Alternate Title: 4 Thoughts From Inside The Cut. I didn’t know how many of you would get that, though.

Anyway, I moved into my new apartment last Wednesday. It’s on South Lamar in Austin, which people I hate refer to as “SoLa.” I chose a location just south of downtown — outside the chaos but close enough that I can get into it in just a few minutes. And get into it, I have been.

My sister stopped by the new crib on Saturday. She met me there to see my new spot and then we were going to walk from my place to a bar about a block away to meet our other sister and her husband for a drink. I had to meet Anne downstairs and escort her up because I’m a part of the Fob Gang now and had to let her in.

We were greeted on the elevator by a mob of 20-somethings who were bringing a keg to an apartment on one of the floors above me — decked out in swim suits and carrying towels. They were ready to hit the pool scene, which, at my apartment, is basically a resort pool at a Caribbean destination. Cabanas, lounge pool, a fireplace, grills, all of it. There were about eight people in this thing, plus a keg on ice. They offered my sister and I a keg stand. You don’t get this shit in the suburbs.

We walked off the elevator and I quickly assured Anne that things were much quieter during the week. Internally, though, that’s the change of pace I’m into at this point in my life. It’s not that I’ll be doing elevator keg stands with strangers during this chapter of my life, but it’s nice to know I’ll have the option.

I guess you could say things have changed for me. The last three years of my life were spent in the suburbs, about 30 to 40 minutes from downtown Austin. It was a quiet golf and lake community where virtually nothing happened. And even before that, I didn’t live near downtown. Now I do, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had one week into the city life.

1. I find it harder to block out the proverbial noise and focus on real shit.

There are bars, restaurants, an Alamo Drafthouse, a natural spring fed swimming hole, a park, a lake, and people constantly doing shit — all surrounding my residence. Call it a mild case of FOMO if you want, but I feel that every second I spend at home getting stuff done that I need to is a second I could be drinking frozés by the pool with the guys or overspending on dinner at the newest hot spot.

2. I live directly next door to a spot that many think is the best restaurant in all of Austin — a mere 40 paces from the front door of my building.

It’s just sitting there every time I pull in and out of the parking garage, begging me to go inside and go apeshit on happy hour sushi and hot sake. I can walk home from there shitfaced in under a minute. Think about that. This place is going to set me back quite a bit over these next 16 months.

3. People party all weekend long.

I learned that a casual poolside lounge session to unwind is hard to come by on a Sunday. Sunday afternoons and early evenings at my pool are a scene, man. It gave me anxiety just witnessing these people drinking cheap beer and listening to “Despacito” from their portable speakers just 12 hours before I had to leave for work. Meanwhile, my washing machine is running upstairs and I’m mentally writing my grocery list for the upcoming week. People are just always wanting to do shit.

4. You can’t get me outside my bubble anymore.

You can find me in the cut for the foreseeable future because I now have very little motivation to leave it. Why would I? Everything I need and want is right here. I passed on a golf outing weekend one without giving it a second thought because I simply wanted to enjoy my new setting. 95% of the fun I’m going to be having will occur within a two mile radius of my address. I’m a city snob now.

Lobsters rolls outside the building. On a Tuesday. I love this place.

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