How To Start An Office Romance

How To Start An Office Romance

Temps is now available! Temps follows Jefferson (Grant Rosenmeyer, The Royal Tenenbaums), a temp worker whose only career goal is to afford an annual ski trip with his best friend and fellow temp, Curtis (Reid Ewing, Modern Family). When Jefferson falls for co-worker Stephanie (Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars), an ambitious go-getter, he is forced to re-evaluate his minimum wage, minimum commitment lifestyle. Produced by Grandex Productions, Temps is now out in select theaters and video-on-demand platforms.

This site frequently errs on the side of not dipping the pen in the office ink. It’s just the safe play. But sometimes, and very rarely is this the case, you just have to take a swing. Sure, it’s lazy, but love often wins. Here’s a few tips on how to get in the game without completely blowing it and making it weird.

1. Do a little homework, dumbass.

You can’t just blindly go for it. I mean, you can, but what if she’s the boss man’s niece, or his uncle is on the board? Could be a real career killer if you take a swing and fail to move the runner’s over. Feel me? Do some low-key creeping, but maintain zero footprint. If you have to peep LinkedIn, remember to go anonymous. Don’t be the dude who hasn’t even spoken to the new girl but has creeped the profile.

2. Find a common enemy.

An easy way to strike up a convo is figuring who, or whom, your person of interest can’t stand. Once you’ve identified the asshole, make it known that you also hate this person, or persons, and act relieved that someone else feels the same way. Icebreaker 101. Nice.

3. Take that convo offline, hoss.

Most of the game you spit will be on Gchat, so take that conversation online. You’ll probably be bitching about other coworkers, so it’s probably a good idea to do that anyway. This process isn’t that different than texting, so make sure you don’t start stacking messages if your target isn’t responding. Goes without saying, but you never know.

4. Make a move at happy hour.

It’s cliche, but I love that move. Don’t sit next to her, but throw her the vibe by seeing if she wants to split some sliders or a triple dipper. Ladies, feel free to buy the guy a shot or something to let him know you’re not just there to put in face time. If you’re feeling it, leave the bar at different times and meet up for the real deal.

5. Keep it on the DL.

Trust no one with this information. If you are asked about it, lie. And if shit goes south, one of you has to quit. Hey, you wanted to play in the big leagues, and there are consequences.

Be careful out there. If you’ve seen our movie Temps (Top 10 Comedy on iTunes FYI), then you know how this can get serious. If you haven’t seen it, go rent or buy it here, and take notes.

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