Dad Fashion Is The Best Fashion

Dad Fashion Is The Best Fashion

“Are you seriously wearing that right now?”

My girlfriend utters this phrase about 85% of the time when I get dressed to go anywhere. Sometimes I give my outfit second thought, but most of the time I stick with it because I don’t have anything else to wear. You see, I’m a strong advocate of dad fashion and I refuse to back down.

Dad Fashion is simple and made of few components. One important aspect of dad fashion is comfort. Every old man wants to be comfortable all day so he will wear whatever brings him that cozy feeling. Stemming off of comfort is not caring what other people think of your outfit. When you dress for comfort, a lot of times the outfit won’t make sense to the public eye. That’s okay, you do you. Dad Fashion is also being economically feasible. Nothing screams “dad” like making a purchase that will last longer than a decade. Why do I dress the way that I do? Because I can still wear the same clothes when I am 50. What better way to save money than to buy clothes that will last me 30 years or more?

What does dad fashion consist of? I’ll break it down. Let’s start all the way up top. Golf hats, straw hats, and maybe a random tour visor here and there. Maybe you need to cover up a bad hair day or you’re actually starting to recede a bit, so just wear a dad hat.

Shirts are where it gets fun. Whether you’re headed to happy hour, going on a date, headed to church, hitting the grocery store, or crushing a cookout, an oxford is an easy go-to. If you have the right confidence, oxfords can go with anything and can be worn anywhere. Too hot for an oxford? Throw on a polo, but you should probably go with a golf shirt. A shirt with a course logo makes you look like a well-travelled golfer and a shirt that says something like “Financial” or “Consulting” makes you look like a dude that does business. Everyone loves a dude that does business. Sometimes you might just need a t-shirt, but make sure that thing’s got a front pocket because duh. Really want something breathable? Then you definitely need to break out a PFG or the world’s greatest article of clothing, the Hawaiian.

Let’s talk about bottoms. Khakis are always a go-to, as are khaki shorts. Nothing says “dad” like Dockers; Rock any color. Make sure your shorts are comfortable, and the shorter the better, right? Tan those thighs, big dog. Jeans are good when necessary, but try not to tuck your t-shirt into your jeans until you are actually a dad. Unless of course you are wearing jorts, then by all means tuck it in. Here is my actual dad showing you how it’s done:

Shoes are easy. My dad has been wearing boat shoes since the day I was born. You can do blue collar work, white collar work, and any kind of leisure in boat shoes. They’re easy to put on, match just about anything, and they make you feel like a man. Another go-to shoe is the loafer, for which you have to go no-socks for maximum comfort. Let’s not forget rocking some cruisers when you actually need a sneaker.

I’ll sum up dad fashion in one word: comfort. If you like it and it’s comfy, wear it. If you think you look good in it, wear it. If you can wear the same outfit 20 years from now, by all means, wear it. We’re all going to be dads one day, so we might as well get used to dressing the part now.

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