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8 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of A Stage-Five Clinger

Mark Cuban is my spirit animal. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Finally. This trailer has everything. Awesome prehistoric shark eating a great white shark in front of a SeaWorld-type audience, Chris Pratt, genetic hybrid dinosaurs, intrigue, PACK HUNTING RAPTORS.

Here’s The FULL Trailer For “Jurassic World”

Can’t wait to sell out. Maybe I already have. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

27 Non-Sexual Turn-Ons That Really Get Guys Going

Dry spell is approaching ‘Nam-like proportions. Neverending. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Would You Do It All Over Again?

The 10 Most Wonderfully Cheesy Moments From “The Newsroom”

The Kansas City Royals Almost Ruined My Relationship

My aspiration is to be Clark Griswold. PGP.

Post Grad Problems