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Existential Crises. PGP.

Things Girls Do After Graduation: Existential Crisis

Taking your time getting out of your car so you don’t have to walk in with coworkers. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

My coworker created a fantasy baseball league for his sons little league team and asked me to join. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Man Arrested For Stealing Over 100 iPhones At Coachella, Inciting Panic Into The Hearts Of Millennials Everywhere

Do Yourself A Favor And Wear Sweatpants To The Bar

Girlfriend puked in an Uber this weekend, considering taking $300 out of a mutual fund that I parked away cash for her engagement ring. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Career fair duty. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

If This All Pans Out, Uber Could Be Flying Us To And From Happy Hour

Morning Coffee Thoughts