My hobbies include day drinking and quoting rap lyrics at inappropriate times.

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Honest End-Of-The-Year Performance Review Answers

The Corporate Ladder: Directives

No One Wants To Go To Your Wedding Brunch

Having a date at 8 p.m. and already worrying you’ll get home past your bedtime.

Post Grad Problems

Emily Ratajkowski Makes Me Want To Puke (In A Good Way)

The subtle fist pump after opening the stall door and seeing a freshly cleaned toilet.

Post Grad Problems

Checkout Our Podcast With Aubrey Marcus, CEO Of Onnit

Fucking up an event invite and sending it to 40,000 people. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

The “My Wife/GF Is Out of Town” Text Is 100% My Favorite Thing In The World

The Debate Of Who Holds The Cards At The Bar Between Men And Women