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A Case Against Dry January

Is Anyone Else Loudly Sighing At Emails Today Or Is That Just Me?

My Honest Farewell Email To My Coworkers

I’m Engaging In The Chase: Wedding In December

The holiday party hangover has me mindlessly clicking around an Excel sheet that I completed a week ago.

Post Grad Problems

Saving PTO between Christmas and New Years by “working from home” when you know nobody will be in the office.

Post Grad Problems

Having Alexa set recurring 14-minute reminders to touch the keyboard to keep an ‘Active’ status in Skype Business while working from home.

Post Grad Problems

At What Age Do Men Decide To Walk Around Naked In the Locker Room?

Accidentally pressed Speak instead of Paste in Bumble during a conference call. Everyone heard my cheesy pickup line. Now it’s how all my coworkers begin conversations with me.

Post Grad Problems

Why Don’t You Monsters Like Talking To Uber Drivers?