FRIDAY DIMEBAG: What Is The Greatest Power Move Of All Time?

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Friday. Dimebag time. I am a little upset with myself that I didn’t call this the “Friday Mail-It-In Bag,” because I’m a big fan of wordplay. Pretty disappointed with myself and it’s probably going to ruin my weekend. Regardless, onward.


Being that it seems like you’re one of the few people that write for this site that is pretty much the same age as me (I’m 28), I figured I’d pose this question to you…

Do you feel like there’s a show that accurately represents the awkwardness of your late 20’s/early 30’s? Everything seems to be geared toward either postgrads right out of college, or middle aged people that hate their spouse. It’s a concept that could be really funny if done right. In a perfect world it would be a dark comedy.

For the record, I think New Girl is the only show that comes close. But they still have way more fun than I do.


Hit the nail on the head with New Girl. I was wary when I first started watching the show since it has “girl” in the title, but it’s really a great show for anyone no matter their gender. The characters in the show are excellent and the chemistry between Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Coach, Cece, and Winston is probably some of the best stuff on TV. But yes, recently there doesn’t seem to be much offered for young go-hards in their late twenties/early thirties. It seems like Workaholics is the only good show geared toward anyone in his or her twenties right now.

As far as shows that accurately represent the growing pains that come with true adulthood, I’d say it’s The Office and Friends. The later seasons of The Office saw the characters struggling with marriage, finding love, raising children, making changes in their careers, and striking a proper work/life balance. Friends, on the other hand, deals with watching your friends grow up around you and the pressure you start feeling as that happens. Of course, it all culminated with Ross and Rachel realizing it was time to stop fucking around and settle down to raise their child together. It dealt with long distance relationships, breakups, dating, and turning thirty. I think the show captured it perfectly, even though it’s in a sitcom setting. Other than that, there aren’t any shows that deal with it much better than The Office and Friends.

The sad fact about these shows is that life starts to slow down when you get into your late twenties. While it could be an exciting time for you personally, it’s not very entertaining. You’re not drinking as much anymore, you’re taking your career more seriously, you’re settling down in your dating life, and you’re probably taking better care of yourself. I will agree, though, it’s a period of life that’s under-represented in pop culture.

Do people who hate their boss really hate them or do they just have an authority complex?


I maintain that the disdain between an employee and his or her boss is a two-way street. I believe that if you’re not disagreeing with your boss every once in a while, you’re not doing the relationship any favors. Being a “yes man” doesn’t mean you’re going to get any further in your career by kissing ass. A good boss respects different ideas and a bad boss thinks he or she is always right. You might have a bad relationship with your boss because you’re saying yes all the time. If your boss respects you, he or she will respect your opinions on matters, just as long as they come in small doses. Some of the best relationships I’ve ever had were with former and current bosses.

As long as there’s mutual respect, limited ass-kissing, and healthy disagreement, you’ll be happy (for the most part) wherever you are. If your boss is just a shitty person, then there’s nothing you can do about it other than start looking for other jobs or try to get your boss fired by crafting a surgical sexual harassment trap for him or her to fall into and then hit payday.


Three questions. What’s the greatest power move you ever pulled? What is the greatest power move you ever saw pulled? What is the greatest power move of all time?

A true power move is a once in a lifetime experience. I’m not one to toot my own horn, so I’m not going to try and pass off the time I told a former boss “let me stop you right there” in a meeting as a power move. However, the best power move I have ever seen with my own eyes is the time I watched my friend choke slam the most hated brother in our fraternity through a door. That was pretty awesome. In retrospect, I would say my greatest “power move” is when I played golf with a potential employer at his country club and racked up a $72 beer tab on his account on the front nine. My play was to get him so hammered that he would offer me the job. I was severely under-qualified, so I figured my best option was to throw the Hail Mary. I didn’t get the job and had to take a $30 cab ride home from the course, but that guy still asks me to play golf whenever I’m back home.

As for the greatest power move of all time? I was going to go with Stone Cold Steve Austin stunning Vince McMahon for the first time. Then I thought about going with Hulk Hogan turning heel and joining NWO, then I figured I sadly couldn’t go with a wrestling moment because they’re all scripted and that’s just a damn shame.

Then, it came to me.

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T. Boone FTW. Former fake paraplegic Drake, power moved into oblivion.


What’s the best thing to wear on casual Friday?

Nike Dri-FIT golf polo. Non-pleated khakis. Loafers. No socks. Can’t go wrong with that.


Golf season’s coming up. Looking to upgrade in the bag department. Been rocking a Titleist backpack bag since ’07. I want to be taken seriously on the links this year.


Sun Mountain or whatever matches your clubs. Also, go with a cart bag and ditch the kickstand backpack bag. You’re not sixteen anymore.

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What do I love? I love happy hour, a good golf tan, and getting moderately drunk during dinner.

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