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I’m Engaging In The Chase: Deciphering Texts From Girls On Holiday Break

Having Alexa set recurring 14-minute reminders to touch the keyboard to keep an ‘Active’ status in Skype Business while working from home.

Post Grad Problems

The “Microwave Your Turkey” Text Is The Worst Thing To Happen To The Internet Since Harambe

Life Is A Book With Many Chapters

To The Fans

“Try to think of this as an opportunity to explore a new area of your career.”

Post Grad Problems

Accidentally pressed Speak instead of Paste in Bumble during a conference call. Everyone heard my cheesy pickup line. Now it’s how all my coworkers begin conversations with me.

Post Grad Problems

Spotify And Ancestry Are Combining To Create Your ‘Musical DNA’ And The Implications Are Terrifying

Running out of time to make it onto a “30 Under 30” list.

Post Grad Problems

Uber Is Now A Bunch Of Narcs Who Are Going To Tell Everyone When You’re Drunk