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  • kybrunette 4 years ago on Not Being Engaged Is Fun And All, But I'm Kinda Over It

    Same. I don’t know why heirloom diamonds aren’t discussed as options more frequently. They are economical, sustainable, potentially meaningful, and prevent you from buying into the DeBeers nonsense (your family member who bought it 60 years ago already did that!). Odds are, an heirloom diamond exists in most families – you just have to be cool with asking your family. My mom has a spare diamond lying around because she upgraded diamonds at their 20th anniversary – upgrading is pretty common. My grandmother’s diamond is also still in the family. We went with the latter option and after it was all said and done, it cost $500 to get everything resized, appraised, cleaned. So much better than dropping four or five figures on a ring.

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  • kybrunette 5 years ago on Workplace Mentors Are God's Gift To The World

    I don’t think that mentees realize how much mentors truly appreciate them and grow from the mentoring relationship. I’ve been so fortunate to mentor an intern and an MBA student team by this point in my career. Having an intern at 23 forced me to at least appear to have my shit together and seeing my intern’s seemingly endless optimism (which was annoying before coffee but otherwise endearing) and passion for the field helped keep me off the path to entry level burnout. Being in charge of fresh-outta-undergrad MBA students last year helped me gain an appreciation for where I’ve been (even though I feel like I haven’t gone very far, I’ve gone farther than I often realize). All of this is to say – I’m sure that Ashley would LOVE to connect with you and hear where your career path has taken you.

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on New Year, New Me: My First Month Of Pure Barre

    I thought I was imagining the results I felt from Pure Barre until I asked boyfriend to help me zip up a size 4 dress two days ago that I hadn’t worn since New Years and he remarked “that was a lot easier than it was last time”. I’ve also been the recipient of more frequent butt grabs from him lately.

    There is neither a workout routine nor a miserably restrictive diet that would allow me to fit a 00 over my calves, and I’m the only person in class that is disgustingly sweaty, wearing a college t-shirt, and noticeably larger/taller than everyone else. It takes real effort to not audibly curse during thigh work. But damn if it doesn’t work, I feel great.

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts

    Yesterday, I had a positive interview with a company that I swore I’d never work for but turns out everyone has a price and mine is a 33% raise, which they were happy to keep on the table.
    Also yesterday, I had an honest few beers with my current manager about how frustrated and bored I am in my current role.
    I’m curious to see where the chips fall today.

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on I Suffer From Office Survivor Guilt

    Working so many hours, I worry that the burnout is going to hit you like a ton of bricks, and when it does, you will need your friends to lean on. Sign off at a reasonable time and reconnect with the people that matter in your life over $5 margs. You can always get another job, but close friends are irreplaceable.

    I’ve been this person, I’ve reached that point, I ended up leaving my former employer over this issue about 6 months ago. Best of luck to you — I know that it’s a difficult, frustrating, thankless spot to be in.

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on Things I've Gotten Worse At: Sex

    19 y/o ky — “You should probably hydrate beforehand, could be a long night.”
    25 y/o ky — -hip cramps so hard that I fall over 5-10 minutes in, abs are on fire- “Yeah are you close? Because I think I might actually die.”

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on A Beginner's Guide To The Business Round Of Golf

    If someone (the engineer) is going to be that bitter about learning the game, it’s better to not even try. No one wants to play with a person who is both time-consumingly horrible at the sport and has a bad attitude about it. Being “that guy” is more of a detriment to your career than not playing at all.

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  • kybrunette 6 years ago on The Only Thing I Can Do With My Parents Anymore

    Same. I feel like if I could just separate my old man from my mom for a few hours, we could have a fun time that isn’t centered around eating.

    Until I figure out how to do that, our meetings will continue to consist of “helpful” criticisms of my life over $15-20 entrees.

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  • kybrunette 7 years ago on 6 Questions For The South From A Country Music Loving Yankee

    If for some reason you find yourself out there, stock up on booze before you get out of Louisville proper. The county line liquor store prices are basically highway robbery because they know people are desperate.

    Pretty sure alcohol is served in restaurants there, so it’s not completely dry. However, I was not trying to go out in public: I was trying to drink wine while sitting in my boss’ massive guest room jacuzzi. It was inconvenient and the county line liquor store doesn’t chill a single bottle of its overpriced white wine.

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