Women Who Wait Until Their 30s To Have Kids Actually Have More Intelligent Children

Women Who Wait Until Their 30s To Have Kids Actually Have More Intelligent Children

If talk of babies didn’t happen this Thanksgiving, don’t worry, because another holiday for your mom to get emotional and cry about why she doesn’t have grandkids yet is right around the corner. Like most of my generation, I’m in my mid-twenties and while I’m still trying to get a handle on my career, finances, and love life, kids are completely out of the question until I hit the big 3-0. Much to the dismay of my mom (and her mom), starting a family has taken a backseat among my list of life ambitions, because while kids can wait, climbing the corporate ladder and contributing early to my 401(k) to get that sweet employer match can’t.

Luckily for you, there’s now one more piece of evidence you can put in your arsenal to better tackle those holiday questions about why you haven’t popped out 2.5 kids and settled down in a white picket-fenced house in suburbia just yet.

A study from the London School of Economics showed that kids born to moms in their thirties were statistically more likely to be more intelligent, so take that, Mom. The research team behind the study analyzed 18,000 British children over their growth and development phases, and found that when women had kids in their 30s as opposed to their 20s or 40s, those children scored higher both in intelligence and in cognitive testing (think how well your brain performs actions, remembers information, and problem solves). Of course, this may say more about the mother than about their children – women who become moms in their 30s often have more education, money, and stability – but either way, the decision to wait to pop out some kiddos says good things about you and your future children.

So the next time you’re at a family gathering and you’re getting shade from relatives who tell you that your biological clock is ticking, sit back, relax, and know that you’re actually doing your future kids a good service by not having them before you’re ready. Politely tell Aunt Linda that you’ll think about it sometime next decade and excuse yourself to refill your wine glass – after all, you’re not pregnant yet, so bottoms up.

[via Marie Claire]

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