This Beaten-Down Man’s Failed Proposal Story Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

This Beaten-Down Man's Failed Proposal Story Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

At this point, proposals aren’t even proposals anymore. They’re smoke-and-mirror events used to get Instagram likes, and the first photo that gets posted of two people moving to the next phase of their life is of a giant rock rather than the beaming smiles of a young couple in love. Men are legitimately holding off on proposing to their girlfriends for fear that the ring they can afford isn’t big enough, which speaks volumes about where we are as a society.

As a guy, if you weren’t already questioning whether or not you wanted to take the leap, this story will solidify things for you.

Logan, a 25-year-old Redditor, told his now-deleted story about his failed proposal to Taylor, his 24-year-old girlfriend. They had been dating for more than two years, so he decided it was time to propose to her. Logan’s description of his girlfriend makes you think, “Well, he kind of made his bed,” when he downplayed his proposal. He stated that Taylor “always liked those super fancy, extravagant proposals where everyone is watching and being awed by how beautiful it is.”

And then he did what no man who describes his girlfriend like that should do: he proposed to her in an un-fancy, un-extravagant way.

“Although she likes to live a lavish lifestyle (nothing wrong with it, she can afford it herself), she never really mentioned marriage,” he explained. “Until her friends started to get engaged.” As any man knows, once the first domino goes, the entire line-up gets antsy and it’s all wedding showers and floral arrangements from that point forward.

See, before we get into his proposal, you need to learn a little bit about the crew that Logan and Taylor were rolling with. Taylor’s best friend? She got proposed to at a French castle with a professional photographer on-hand to capture the moment for Instagram. And if that’s what her best friend had, Logan needed to know that Taylor simply couldn’t have anything less than that.

At that point, Taylor began planning her own proposal for Logan and had a very specific set of requirements for it – ring, location, photographers, outfit, everything. She probably had her nail color ready to match the ring as well, because that’s a thing that girls do now in case you still had any faith left.

Logan then divulged that he became concerned because it was his proposal, too. Not just hers. Big mistake, Logan. Big mistake.

He had the idea to do it atop The Eiffel Tower, but made the worst decision of his life and decided to do it south of Los Angeles on a beach in the middle of nowhere with no one else around. And if we’ve learned anything through this story, if there isn’t a professional photographer where the proposal takes place, did the proposal ever even happen? The answer is no, it does not even happen. Because Taylor, his girlfriend of two years, pretended the proposal didn’t happen.

Despite the fact that Logan bought the correct ring, the ring she wanted, she said, “This is a horrible joke, Logan,” before crying and claiming that he “ruined” it for her. She then talked about rings as if he didn’t propose and is (probably) expecting another, more extravagant, proposal in the near future.

Logan then ended his post in the most beaten-down way possible: “I love her, but I don’t know if I’m being a jerk by not meeting her expectations – or if she’s being awful.”

Don’t read any of the comments, Logan. I’ll handle this for you: she’s being awful. Turn the ring in, move north, use that money as a down payment, and take some time to yourself to get your manhood back before another woman tries to steal it from you like Taylor did.

Thank me later.

[via Daily Mail]

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