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  • henry220 6 years ago on Show Her You're Not A Beta Male And Pick Up The Damn Phone

    Any girl who is freaked out by this move is a child. Most people who hold jobs, despite 21st century phone anxiety, spend enough time on work phone calls to be semi comfortable with it and it shows confidence. A guy called me for a first date five years ago and we’re getting married in two months.

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  • henry220 6 years ago on The Biggest Lies I Told When Meeting My Girlfriend’s Dad

    My fiance is also from a tiny town in Pennsylvania and there is no way in hell I am ever moving to Amish country. Good call being vague with parents at the beginning of the relationship, but as it gets more serious, you gotta be clear with her about the HELL NO because otherwise the parents will try to sway her their side. Stay strong!

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  • henry220 6 years ago on Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Jimmy Garoppolo

    Jimmy G will never have a bad weekend as long as he keeps his looks. and Patriots fans are fine, we’ve got two more games before TB12 is back and they’re against a couple of high school squads. Bills and Texans? Maybe we’ll let Gronk play QB just for shits and giggles and we’d still pull off the W.

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  • henry220 6 years ago on Things I've Gotten Worse At: Job Interviews

    I second this. My team was interviewing recently and we down to two candidates. One guy was extremely knowledgeable, lots of experience, very smooth, great speaker….but seemed like a huge douche, came across as difficult to work with and was very deaf to constructive criticism (this was a market research role and a senior member of our team pointed out a minor error in his data presentation…and he got super defensive and told us were all wrong). The other candidate had little to no experience and stumbled over a lot of questions, but she was extremely nice, smart, personable and most importantly, responded well to feedback aka coach-able and someone we could enjoy working with. Guess who got hired?

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  • henry220 6 years ago on Girls Are Always Going To Be Confusing So Stop Trying To Understand Them

    You really don’t think much of women, do you? You think all that exists in our little tiny female brains is discussions of you and your fellow males? Yes, we occasionally talk about men, but trust me, you’re not that interesting and we’re (mostly) not that shallow. Maybe women aren’t discussing sports, hobbies, politics, work, etc with you because you they can tell you don’t respect them and you aren’t socially aware enough to handle an intelligent woman.

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  • henry220 6 years ago on The Debate Of Who Holds The Cards At The Bar Between Men And Women

    As a woman, I can attest that the “catch his eye, hold for a few seconds, look away and then look back” definitely works. I once had a bet with my friends over this and yes, that night I went 5 for 5 in getting guys to approach me. It’s an art form though, you’ve got to be subtle and pretend to be slightly embarrassed when you get “caught” checking him out.

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  • henry220 6 years ago on Five Truths That Anyone That Works In The Service Industry Understands

    No, it proves nothing. If you work in a state that has high standards for teachers, they require a master’s degree. Furthermore, you have absolutely no clue what she paid for it; there are plenty of programs that will pay for your master’s in exchange for dedicating a few years to high need areas and the state schools offer low cost degrees as well that are affordable.

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