Here’s Everywhere You’ll Be Able To (Legally) Smoke Weed Now That The Election Is Over

Here's Everywhere You'll Be Able To (Legally) Smoke Weed Now That The Election Is Over

Last night was an unprecedented and historic win for cannabis enthusiasts across the country as nine states voted on referendums to legalize marijuana, medical marijuana, or restructure current medical laws. Marijuana’s current federal classification as a schedule 1 drug states that it has no medical value. This is a classification it’s been unable to shake since 1970. Now that classification is due to draw criticism with over half of the United States passing laws that directly refute or challenge it. Despite the fact that marijuana has been used industrially, medically, and personally as far back as 2000 B.C. and as recently as twenty minutes ago.

This is how the final votes settled for 2016’s election in my own “Reefer-enda roundup.”

First off, the medical votes.

Florida Amendment 2

Amendment 2 asked Floridians if they wanted to allow medical use of marijuana for individuals with certain approved conditions.

Florida became the first in this year’s election, and also the first southern state to do so. Amendment 2 won in a landslide capturing 71% of the state’s vote.

Now please, Florida, for the love of God, stop using bath salts.

North Dakota Measure 5

Measure 5 asked for provisions to allow the use of marijuana for patients suffering from serious approved conditions akin to Florida’s program.

North Dakotans voted to allow access with measure 5. They passed the measure, presumably to the left, with a majority 64% of the vote.

Arkansas Issue 6

Arkansas actually had two marijuana initiatives this year, Issue 7 and Issue 6. But votes will only count for Issue 6 as Issue 7 wound up struck from the ballot. Issue 6 allows residents with qualifying conditions to be granted medical cards and access to dispensaries.

However, Issue 6 also gives residents the right to prohibit grows and dispensaries if voted upon in their communities.

The measure passed late in the evening with a 53% victory.

Montana Initiative 182

While medical marijuana was already technically legal in Montana, Initiative 182 would restructure the state’s current strict marijuana laws and now allow access to sufferers of chronic pain and PTSD.

Currently, the initiative leads at 57% with 90% of the vote in.

Now? It’s time for the fun part – recreational marijuana. This is where we really start to make history with five states voting on whether or not to fully legalize marijuana for their citizens aged 21 and over to have a good time.

Massachusetts Question 4

This race started out extremely close, but with 94% of the vote in, Massachusetts has earned its place in history holding a 6% lead in favor of legalization edging out opponents of the bill 56% to 47%.

I guess it’s finally time to visit Boston.

California Proposition 64

With almost all of Hollywood toking up and schools like Oaksterdam University, you’d think weed was already legal before voting on Prop 64. So California did one of the most California things ever and basically had it wrapped up, like a celebratory swisher, and they smoked the vote. Prop 64 wound up winning with over 55% of the vote.

Maine Question 1

With 90% of the vote in, it remains an extremely close race but Question 1 currently leads by a small margin of 4,533 votes as of this morning.

Nevada Question 2

With 76% of the votes counted and Marijuana leading by 8%, Question 2 will be passed by morning and give everyone the opportunity to catch a red eye out of Vegas. No word on if you’ll be able to get some dank bud comped to your room at the Bellagio.

Arizona Proposition 205

With 98% of the vote in and Prop 205 down by 4%, legalization doesn’t look like it will be a thing for The Grand Canyon State. But has that ever stopped Arizona State University students?

Maybe next time, Arizona. But just let the fact that Alaska has a more progressive marijuana policy than you sink in for a second.

In total, of the nine states that had marijuana of the ballot, eight look like they are going to approve measures to legalize or expand access of marijuana for their citizens. It will be interesting to see what other states look to capitalize on the marijuana industry next and how things pan out with increasing pressure from citizens for the federal government to finally end its war on weed.

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