46-Year-Old Detroit Man Sends Creepy Mass Email To 1,000 Interns Looking For One To Fall In Love With


We received this anonymous tip from a PGP reader in Detroit who confirms this email was sent out to over 1,000 interns. The sender (who will remain nameless) was apparently feeling a little lonely and decided his best course of action was to email every single intern in the company to seek out a potential mate. We can confirm that this is a 100% real email.

Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2013 3:44 PM
To: Interns
Subject: missed connection

Is it you?

“So to spend a life of endless bliss, just find who you love, through true love’s kiss!”

Do fairy tales really come true? They do in the movies, so why not for me?

I consider myself a romantic man, and actually like watching the “chick flicks.” The quote above is from Enchanted and I have watched the final dance scene countless times. To see them falling in love and then show their love without speaking a word is incredible. That is what I want and someday will have. If you didn’t see it, that scene was followed by “true love’s kiss” Do you know where “Is it you?” is from? It was another movie with two people who fell deeply in love and who would do anything to be with the other. Serendipity, Moulin Rouge, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, and Leap Year are just a few other favorites that come to mind. I will actually shed a tear in that type of movie, but that’s not to say I’m effeminate. That just tugs at my heart, and that’s what I want.

I am… intelligent, average to good looking, thin to average build, able to do/fix most things, quiet at times, quick witted, confident, compassionate, a hard worker, a believer in sharing the work around the house, a professional, willing to try new things, a planner, but also like to be spontaneous at times.

I like to travel and have been to Australia, Japan, China, England, and a few others. I would love to see the pyramids of Egypt and take a safari in Africa. I love to fix things around the house, and would love to someday take an industrial/commercial/unconventional space and make it a home.

I am….46, but look and feel much younger, have two wonderful kids (10 & 12) whom I love and am active in their lives, I unfortunately found myself in a loveless marriage, 5’6″ and don’t have a problem with it, and I am fine with a taller woman.

One thing about me that could be a plus or minus depending on you – I’m not into sports. Ask me who’s playing in the super bowl a week before the game and I may or may not know depending on if they were talking about it on the radio!

Now for the fun stuff. To have a love this special it also has to be physical. To be perfectly straight forward a want someone to share my fantasies with. I have a rubber fetish and a boot fetish and to have the one that I love more than anything put on a pair of knee length boots over her jeans and then pull on some rubber gloves before doing a little cleaning around the house would drive me crazy with desire (not that this would be expected, it would just be an awesome surprise every now and then! To have my wife wear a rubber bra, rubber panties, rubber tights, and long rubber gloves just because she loves me would be incredible. (again not all the time). I have never been with someone whom I could share all my fantasies with. Likewise, it would be just as fun to do whatever it takes to fulfill your fantasies (well maybe not quite as much fun, it depends on the fantasies!!!!)

Now I honestly am a “normal” guy, nobody would ever imagine I have these desires and I have only shared some of them with a few people.

You ….. love the idea of “happily ever after”, are easy going, but have goals, love kids, are thin to average weight, are caring, not judgemental, like to cuddle, are open minded and like to have fun, and have your priorities straight. (Loving to wear fashion boots, rain boots, or a shiny raincoat is an added bonus!)

I miss that feeling of excitement, that comes from a relationship. That longing to see that person again, and not being able to stop thinking about them. I want to to be able to look at you and smile just because I love you so much!

At this time I can only imagine having someone show lots of love, dedication and faithfulness to me. For the right person, I will do the same!

So again I ask, “Is it you?”

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