Luke Pell Got Axed From ‘The Bachelor’ For Allegedly Trying To Recruit His Own Women

Luke Pell

Women are coming out of the woodwork to throw haymakers at Luke Pell, and the stories are casting aspersions on the guy who – up to this point – America thought was pretty dope. Luke finished 4th on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, he’s an aspiring musician, he served overseas, he’s scud missile-level hot, and all signs were pointing to him becoming The Bachelor.

But we all know in the 11th hour, Luke was passed over in favor of Nick Viall. So what happened? Apparently, Luke was trying to cast specific women – including ones he was already dating – on his season of The Bachelor.

Here’s a great video recap of the story.

If you want the whole story from trusted source and Bachelor insider Reality Steve, it’s a wild read. But I’ve got the highlights for you:

Luke contacted Airelle last summer in asking her if she was interested in being on the “Bachelor” season thinking he was gonna be the “Bachelor,” they struck up a relationship, saw each on numerous occasions (more on that in a bit), she was flown out to LA for final casting weekend, and was all set to be on Luke’s season of the “Bachelor”…until she wasn’t. During their relationship, Luke essentially tells her to come on his season, their relationship they’re having off camera will play out on screen, and he’s picking her in the end. She went along with it. Was all set to go on his season. Luke is not chosen for the “Bachelor” as we know, the rug was pulled out from under him the night before he’s supposed to leave, Airelle sees this play out on TV when we all did when Nick was named the “Bachelor” on “After Paradise” Aug. 30th of last year, Airelle is stunned, and Luke ghosts her from that point forward, outside of a Nashville event they ended up at together weeks later, and that was the last of Luke and Airelle. There’s been nothing between them since.

But that’s not all. In Reality Steve’s blog – again, if you’re a Bachelor fan, it’s worth the read – there are strong signs that Luke was also trying to recruit others onto his season, including Jubilee from Ben’s season, and an absolute rocket ship named Holly Allen (seriously, her Instagram gave me an arrhythmia).

So what’s this all mean? Essentially, Luke was trying to recruit girls who he was involved with. Or wanted to be involved with. Or just thought were absolute smokestacks. And then tried to get them onto his season of The Bachelor. Apparently, the producers found out and swapped Nick in for Luke at the last minute.

And you want to know my take on this? I’m all in on Luke trying to recruit for his season of The Bachelor. It’s not like he went out there to some hot babe combine and plucked 30 of them and set them down in the mansion in LA. He recruited a few girls. Maybeeee 10% of the entire cast. What sane man wouldn’t do this? It’s a fucking genius move.

Let’s say – by some wild disturbance in the time-space-Bachelor-babe continuum – the producers recruited 27 lunatic fringe wildebeests on his season. At least he’d have the girls he recruited as a backup. A Plan B. A contingency. And if he fell in love with one of the girls he didn’t recruit? Big deal. No skin off his back. I mean sure, the girl he promised the championship trophy to would be pretty pissed. Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned type of grudge perhaps. But what’s the worst she could do? Put him on blast in front of the entire world? I mean, she just did that.

Which brings me to my next point: Why? Why throw all the haymakers at Luke? Why put it out there that he was trying to load the deck for his season of The Bachelor. Seems like an attention grabbing move, if anything. A beg to be in the spotlight. A clamoring for followers. This Arielle girl also started dating Luke Rodgers (Aaron and Jordan’s brother), by the way. So you know she’s just in it for the followers.

Bottom line: I see no reason why trying to recruit girls for your own season is such a bad thing, and people are freaking. the fuck. out about it. Everyone already thinks the show is rigged by the producers, anyway, so why not let the star of the show get some say in who he gets to take to take on stupid helicopter dates.

[via Reality Steve]

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