Goldman Sachs Went Ahead And Said That College May Be A Waste Of Money

Goldman Sachs Just Came Out And Said That College Could Be A Waste Of Your Money

Man, remember in college when your biggest concerns were trying to avoid scheduling Friday classes and praying your girlfriend wasn’t pregnant? Yeah, well, those days are over and now our lives are filled with trying to make ends meet between entry-level jobs and crippling student loans.

Well, now Goldman Sachs is telling us that all of the aforementioned concerns could be avoided by just skipping college altogether. Per AOL:

“For the typical student the number of years to break even on the cost of college has grown from eight years in 2010 to nine years today. If current cost and wage growth trends persist then students starting college in 2030/2050 will have to wait 11/15 years post college to break even. 18-year-olds starting college in 2030 with no scholarship or grants will only start making a positive return when they turn 37,” Goldman’s Hugo Scott-Gall wrote.

Tulane put out a chart explaining the rise in tuition versus the wage premium, and it made me feel super uncomfortable for the generations ahead of us.


Well, this is awkward. Sure, maybe tuitions wouldn’t be skyrocketing if every school wasn’t in an arms race to have the best facilities for their B-School, but who am I to criticize the decision-making of a bunch of bigwigs who run schools like Fortune 500 companies rather than institutions of higher learning? Some say, “Greed is good,” am I right?

Luckily for me, my kid is just going to get a D1 scholly and graduate with no debt before making millions through endorsement deals driven by the twelve Super Bowls he brings to the Detroit Lions.

[via AOL]

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