Glassdoor Reveals The Only 50 College Majors That Ensure Your First Job’s Pay Won’t Suck

Glassdoor Reveals The Only 50 College Majors That Ensure Your First Job's Pay Won't Suck

While it may be easy to blame our generation’s low median income on the recent recession and student loan payments, our predicament may not be entirely the government’s fault. Personally, I would love to absolve myself of all responsibility for my current financial situation, but unfortunately, it appears that’s just not the case. Many of us are struggling to maintain a balanced budget, but even while some of us can barely scrape by, we all have friends that are popping out babies, planning weddings, and putting down payments on starter homes. How in the world are they managing that?! Well, they probably just chose a much better major in college than you.

Glassdoor released data showing the top 50 college majors that have the highest payback in the form of first jobs. They have a very wide range from $41,250 on the low end to $70,000 on the upper end, but they still definitely beat the minimum wage barista job some of your peers surely have. Obviously, the higher your major ranks on the list, the more you can expect to make from your first job out of undergrad. Below are the top 50 majors for beginning pay, and for your sake, I sincerely hope your major made the cut.

50. Biology
49. Social Work
48. Health Care Administration
47. Sociology
46. Psychology
45. Liberal Arts
44. Biochemistry
43. Hospitality Management
42. Anthropology
41. Education
40. Sports Management
39. Public Relations
38. Film Studies
37. Music
36. Chemistry
35. Interior Design
34. Communications
33. Spanish
32. Social Science
31. Environmental Science
30. Philosophy
29. Advertising
28. Journalism
27. Human Resources
26. History
25. Political Science
24. English
23. Marketing
22. Graphic Design
21. International Relations
20. Business
19. Fashion Design
18. Architecture
17. Biotechnology
16. Physics
15. Economics
14. Accounting
13. Biomedical Engineering
12. Mathematics
11. Finance
10. Management Information Systems
9. Nursing
8. Statistics
7. Civil Engineering
6. Information Technology
5. Industrial Engineering
4. Chemical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
1. Computer Science

Once again, if you’re not good at science or math, sorry, but you’re screwed. Half of these jobs are directly related to finance or scientific skills, and the vast majority of those 25 majors fall in the top half of this list as far as salaries go. Thankfully for those of us who picked liberal arts majors, we at least aren’t completely screwed and doomed to sell essential oils on Facebook for the rest of time. Now everyone call up your engineer friends for Sunday brunch, because they’re picking up the check this time.

[via Washington Post]

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