Addressing the dialogue from last week that has worked its way into this week. Let’s do this.

1. I asked our remotes if anyone participated in IWD, and if so, would they like to write about it. Obviously, that happened. It’s not indicative of a SJW takeover of the site. It’s more about documenting a major event that happened which was relevant to a large portion of our audience. We’re a lifestyle blog with a diverse audience. There are going to be things covered and written about that don’t apply to everyone. Feel free to skip over those articles, or stop reading the site altogether.

2. I don’t care if you thought IWD was lame. I really don’t care if you make jokes about it in our comments. It’s the aggressive nature and personal attacks that aren’t tolerated.

3. On a “What’s For Dinner” post, I responded to a comment that I deemed aggressive. In the past, we’ve deleted those, but as I stated, I wanted to make it known we weren’t tolerating that stuff. By that stuff I mean aggressively sexual and creepy. Anytime I have multiple people reaching out to me via email and DM to tell me why they are unlikely to write or comment on the site because of the way female writers/commenters are treated, I have to see what the issue is.

4. A lot of you weren’t happy. There have been arguments against us (shouts to #teamfuckdave), our content and websites that we don’t work on being tossed our way to show how we are being hypocrites. I found this to be particularly interesting. The thought that “the people who publish ‘things girls do’ can’t start telling us what’s sexist and what’s not (paraphrasing)” or “but you guys publish TFM Girls” were two that I saw. First, what happens on TFM isn’t my call, but what happens on PGP is. We have a good balance of content poking fun at both genders. In the past, we didn’t, and I occasionally heard criticisms from people whose opinions I respect that we should change that if we want to make the site more friendly for female readers. They were right.

Second, we’ve had controversial content go up that, upon review, was in poor taste. The one cited most is the breastfeeding article that Will decided to pull down himself. In retrospect, it was a bad look, and we learned from it. Will, who puts out more content than anyone in the company, had a bad take. It’s going to happen. It doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to evolve on a subject or chime in when something on the site that he helps run needs to be addressed.

5. We’re going to continue posting the same content we always have. There’s no directive from George Soros and Gloria Allred telling us to be more PC. The content will continue to be provocative. Therefore, provocative comments will be too, unless you’re harassing people. Just use your head. If you wouldn’t say it to someone at a bar, where there is no mask of anonymity, maybe don’t post it.

I haven’t banned anyone in a very long time. I see a lot of names speaking up that have been around for a long time, and I hope we don’t lose you. But if you have a problem with us making this site more friendly for female fans, or that we’re posting more female content, this may not be the place for you. Hope we can still have fun together.

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