Things Girls Do After Graduation: Over-Plan

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Things Girls Do After Graduation: Over-Plan

After a deep breath and a long sip of her pour over, she rested her fingers on her laptop and stared deeply into the screen. One by one, she hand selected the recipients of her email. Caroline and Katie? Of course. Alex? Maybe.

At a recent yoga event hosted by a local studio, she had mingled with a few influencers who eventually gave her the much-coveted follow-back on Instagram. She had each of their cards sitting out on her desk and debated the benefits of including them this preliminary email for their spring yoga retreat.

“Just do it,” she told herself. “Nobody can steal your peace.” She included them in the ‘bcc’ address bar so none of her friends would feel her embarrassment should they not reply. And then she began.


Hey Ladieeeeeeees,

Sooooooo, you may or may not have heard that Caroline and I were in talks to do something we’ve been wanting to do for a v long time – a yoga retreat!

A yoga retreat is something I’ve dreamt of doing since my very first class at Free. Spiritually, I think we could all benefit from this and it’s the perfect opportunity to go while all the boys are at The Kentucky Derby again this year. While the cats are away, the mice will play – am I right?

I told C that I’d do some preliminary research on the best places to do a retreat. While I’ve found some in Bali, Mexico (Cabo anyone? Hahaha, jk. Well, kind of), and Thailand, I totes get that it’s a little unreasonable for us to pack up our bags for a long weekend and show up jet-lagged to something like this. It’s all about peace of mind and wellness, after all.

After talking to my friend who did a retreat with Gwyneth Paltrow a few years back, she recommended the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. I know it’s a long flight, but it’s also the place where Mad Men taped their final scene so, like, yeah, kind of a big deal.

I read that they’ve had guests like Ansel Adams (easily my fave photog), Bob Dylan (love), and Joan Baez (nbd). I mean, we may have to be chill just in case we run into any celebs out there. Tbh, yoga retreats are the new rehab.

They specialize in yoga, meditation, and organic food (yummm!) and everything is included in the price. So the price breakdown is as follows: $650 if you do a sleeping bag (ew), $985 for a bunk bed (ew), $1,975 for a standard room, and $3,385 for a private point house. TBH, the point house looks super lux so if anyone is down to splitsies on it, you know I am too. I’m totes down to pay more of the share if anyone has any issues trying to pay for it. You can also book your own accommodations off-site, but we didn’t go there to not be with each other so that’s out of the question.

There’s a shuttle service that runs from the San Francisco Airport, but I thought it could be fun if we flew in a night early and rented a place in the Marina for a girls night out. I have hella restaurant recs from when I interned out there junior year, so I can plan that too if need be. I’m not saying The Tipsy Pig’s back patio is the perfect rosé sitch, but The Tipsy Pig’s back patio is the perfect rosé sitch.

Caroline, I know you’re already in for this. Katie, I told Caroline that I think this would be everything for your new yoga journey Insta account. I could even probably connect you with some people who could help guide you when it comes to getting more exposure and followers (not that it’s about that, obvs).

Not to sound super OCD, but I already checked flights based around your schedules and they’re all supes reasonable. And at the risk of sounding Heidi Klum-y, you’re either in or you’re out. LMK and we can make. this. happen!!!


She reviewed the email several times before sending it while she installed a Google Mail App that would allow her to see who had opened the email. With her breath held and her now-lukewarm coffee still resting next to her, she took her right index finger and took the leap.


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