Dude Pays Ten Dollars To Have Pokemon Appear In His Shop, Business Promptly Goes Up 75%

Dude Pays 10 Bucks For Pokemon Inside Restaurant, Business Goes Up 75%

Let me first say that I was never a Pokemon guy. It was banned at my elementary school before it even got really big because of the widespread reports that older kids were ripping off younger kids for the holigraphic cards that could sometimes cost a few hundred dollars.

I don’t have the Pokemon game on my phone now and I never will. I’m just not interested. But I have to respect this guy’s hustle who decided to cash in on the craze by paying the creators of the app to have six Pokemon appear inside of his store. Business at his pizza shop has gone up 75% and better yet, there’s a park across the street from his restaurant where, apparantly, there is an abundance of wild Pokemon to be caught.

“My friend jumped over a fence onto a private property and had to explain to the cops that it was to catch a Pikachu,” said 19-year-old Nick Luisi.

To me, all of this seems like total nonsense and a colossal waste of time but if this keeps people out of the bar on the weekends so I can get a beer faster than go nuts, guys. I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone else does in their spare time and from what I understand there is a fair amount of walking involved to catch these things. Take all the time you need. Get those steps up on your Fitbit.

I’m no better than the guy milling around the park with his face glued to his phone. The only difference between me and him is that he’s playing a game and I’m scrolling Twitter or Instagram. Best of luck out there in your quest to catch them all. And if you own a restaurant I would highly suggest paying whoever you need to to get a few Pokemon set up inside your place.

[via The New York Post]

Image via Matthew Corley / Shutterstock

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