Nintendo’s New Console Is Here To Remind You To Never Sleep On Nintendo

Nintendo's New Console is Here To Remind You To Never Sleep On Nintendo

Welcome to the future of video gaming.

Nintendo has, essentially, been a house of secrets for the last year. They kept things relatively light at E3, the world-famous video gaming trade show, opting to mainly feature the new Zelda game, ‘Breath of the Wild‘ and the new Pokémon titles, ‘Pokémon Sun and Pokemon Moon.’ Talk of their new console, codenamed the Nintendo NX, wasn’t as scarce as it was nonexistent.

Nintendo has had the video gaming world by the balls since before the summer. There was entire Subreddit devoted to people scouring for rumors and lamenting a lack of leaks on the console.

Well, folks, the hype train has pulled into the station. Introducing the Nintendo Switch, coming to you in March 2017.


Let’s break this down. I’m not even gonna mention that the console shares a name with a BDSM term. I’m not gonna put that here. Look it up. You’ve got the Google.

We’ve got the first hybrid home/portable console, which (on the surface) means that Nintendo, which is the undisputed leader in portable gaming even in the age of mobile games, is cannibalizing not only its home console, the WiiU, but possibly their popular 3DS as well.

But even further than that, this motherfucker is CUSTOMIZABLE. The controller looks like it detaches and re-attaches in different ways, and the screen has a kickstand. A DAMN KICKSTAND. And the games look gorgeous, even when detached from the home dock. Portable gaming a-go-go!

Also, this seems to mark the triumphant return of third-party games to Nintendo. Not only did the trailer feature the new Zelda game, ‘Breath of the Wild,’ but a new Mario platformer (duh), Mario Kart and Nintendo’s latest surprise hit, the madcap, colorful third-person shooter Splatoon, but NBA 2K and…SKYRIM?! Didn’t see that one coming.

(Before you lambaste Nintendo for being 7 years behind, there’s a remake coming to other consoles later this month.)

Now I’m gonna get personal for a minute: It hasn’t been easy being a Nintendo fan, especially in recent years. Third-party games abandoned Nintendo consoles way back in the Wii era, despite the console being a massive success. They didn’t come back for the WiiU. You had to buy an Xbox One or PS4 to play big franchise games like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. There’s marquee games I haven’t even played thanks to my Nintendo loyalism…and the fact that I bought an Xbox One two Hanukkahs ago, it crashed within days, and I refused to buy another one.

But people sleep on Nintendo, despite having valuable, iconic IPs like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox and Smash Bros. They say it’s a company behind the curve, despite it crushing its first couple entries in the mobile gaming market, opening theme park attractions and starting to embrace the future.

But even forgetting all that, I dare you to play a Nintendo game and not crack a smile. It reminds you of days gone by, zipping around on Rainbow Road, nailing your best friend with a red shell on lap 3 as you cross the finish line. Pure nostalgic bliss.

Nintendo changed the game with the Wii. Nintendo predicted what was coming next with the Wii U gamepad.

Now Nintendo has changed the game again and upped the ante well beyond what other game companies are offering. A fully integrated mobile and home console experience.

Never sleep on Nintendo. Nintendo wins. Now and forever, Nintendo wins.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go sit outside of the Nintendo store with a fist full of cash. See you in March.

[via Business Insider]

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