We Received The Greatest HR Email Asking An Employee To Stop Treating Interns Like ‘Incompetent Slaves’

We Received The Greatest HR Email Asking An Employee To Stop Treating Interns Like 'Incompetent Slaves'

The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t change my views of the finance world’s office culture – it reaffirmed what I originally thought working on Wall Street is like in its most absurd form. I know, I know, I’m not so dumb to believe that things like that actually happen, but I do believe that given a long enough leash, some firms would end up looking something like that before a surplus of lawsuits came crashing down on them.

Why do I think that, you ask? Well, for instance, this email we received late last night in our DMs.

Every company has a Melissa. #PGP

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And if you can’t read it because your shitty office bans Instagram, allow me to transcribe it for you:


Please remember that the interns are here to learn about how a business is run. Contrary to your popular belief, they are all college students and not incompetent slaves.

As such, while we tolerate you and the other members of the management team sending them to get you coffee and food, please refrain from sending them to liquor stores.

Thank you for your attention.


You know how Melissa was mad outside of the fact that she just completely talked down to [redacted] like he’s a child with no sense of right or wrong? She didn’t even say, “regards” or “thank you” at the end of her email. She just straight-up signed it “Melissa” and dropped the mic after banning the interns from getting liquor for their superiors.

Now, I’m not one to haze interns by any means. That’s just not my style. But is it really that outlandish for an intern to go to a liquor store to pick up some scotch and vodka for the people pushing papers in the corner offices? Doesn’t seem that outlandish to me. It’s not like they’re saying, “Hey, can you meet this guy on the corner of 5th and Bridge Street and pick up some coke for me?” Liquor is essentially just the coffee of the night, and if you don’t have time to go grab some yourself, you send an intern to do it for you. Doesn’t seem that complicated to me.

But hey, Melissa probably just doesn’t get invited to a lot of happy hours so she’s trying to ruin everyone’s fun. Like I said – every company has a Melissa. Don’t be a Melissa.

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