Chipotle Accused Of Misleading Us About The Calories In Their Chorizo Burrito

Chipotle Accused Of Misleading Us About The Calories In Their Chorizo Burrito

While I’ve been a long-time Chipotle dissenter, no matter your views on their famous burritos, we all have to agree that Chipotle’s had a tough time of it lately. From giving their customers food poisoning to rapidly falling stock, it really has been a rough year for Chipotle. They’ve made some efforts to try to win back the loyalty of their customers through plenty of free burrito coupons and adding chorizo to the menu, but they’re still struggling. Unfortunately, even though their chorizo may be magical, that may not be enough to save them, as the newest update on every postgrad’s favorite burrito company is that they’re being sued over vastly underestimating the amount of calories they’ve been claiming to serve. Womp.

I personally stay away from Chipotle, because why on earth would I get a burrito bowl when I live in a state where there’s a Chick-Fil-A on every corner, but for those who pick their burritos primarily for their status as “healthy” fast food, this comes as a major disappointment. If you’ve been in a Chipotle recently, you’ve probably seen an advertisement for their chorizo burritos, and if you check the posted calorie count, Chipotle claims that they’re a measly 300 calories. Sounds like a great deal, right? For those who keep track of their calories with their meals, this choice seems like a no-brainer… except for the fact that it’s totally inaccurate. After checking Chipotle’s nutritional facts online, it turns out that the chorizo filling by itself is 300 calories. Add in a flour tortilla and the rest of your burrito fillings, and you’ll hit 1000 in no time, which is just a little bit different than the 300 calories advertised on their signs.

On the bright side for the poor schmucks who fell for this giant marketing failure, a class-action lawsuit against Chipotle has been proposed, so there’s a chance you’ll at least be able to get your money back. Sure, you won’t get your health back, your arteries won’t be unclogged, and the numbers on the scale won’t go down, but you’ll get that 8 bucks back in your pocket, which almost makes the whole thing totally worth it. In the meantime, maybe stay away from Chipotle burritos if you’re trying to stay healthy before chowing down on Grandma’s homemade stuffing on Thursday, okay?

[via Food & Wine]

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