Call Of Duty Is Dead And That Kinda Sucks

Call Of Duty Is Dead And That Kinda Sucks

Call of Duty is dead. It’s over. It’s finished. There is no second chance, there is no hope, there is no future. Call of Duty is officially trash, and everyone knows it.

I used to love this game. I’ve been playing since the first Call of Duty came out. I was just a young blood back in 2003 and my mom bought it for our kitchen computer. I sat there every day, crawling through the bushes and sniping Nazis with my Springfield. Once I had the courage I would run around and mow them down with my Thompson. I continued to play casually until COD 4 came out, Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare changed my life. I was pretty good, and soon I made some friends online. We would all play together, and sometimes just hangout in Ventrilo or TeamSpeak just to talk. Eventually we were playing competitively, and before I knew it I was making money in high school from winning online tournaments.

Modern Warfare 2 was my favorite, and I know millions will agree with me. Modern Warfare 2 is when Call of Duty really took off to elite status, and then everyone played COD. Activision followed up with Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, and Black Ops 2. All three of these installments were also great games, but the game was starting to get a little old and bland. Activision did what most companies do and tried to innovate. They came out with Ghosts, then Advanced Warfare, then Black Ops 3, and now Infinite Warfare.

That’s the trailer for the next game. Now look again at the like/dislike ratio. Less than 500,000 likes, but over 3,000,000 dislikes? That’s a 6:1 ratio of people saying “This is shit.” My favorite comments are some variation of “Infinite Warfare? More like infinite dislikes!” The COD community is very unhappy about the next game, which apparently takes place in outer space. One of the main things that has driven players away from Call of Duty is how futuristic they have tried to make the game. The game has gone from simple realistic World War 2 gameplay to unrealistic Halo-esque futuristic play. Many players argue that they first played COD to avoid Halo, and have now all threatened to leave the Call of Duty franchise for a more realistic game, Battlefield.

You can’t hate on Activision’s effort. They brought in Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones to play the villain, and even through all the dislikes on the Youtube trailer, they refuse to back down. Pre-order sales are at an all-time-low for a Call of Duty game, and gamers from around the world are voicing their refusal to purchase the next game. They’re being pretty dramatic about it.

Dear Activision: get your shit together. We have stayed loyal to your franchise for over 10 years. I have purchased every single game that you’ve put out. I’ve put literal days into these games. I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve gone online competitively, gone online for fun, or just dicked around on Nuketown or on zombies with my boys. I’ve talked to my other friends in the COD community, and the feelings are all mutual. My one close friend that plays professionally (like he has sponsors and flies all over the country to play in tournaments) is leaving the game to go play Counter Strike. He’s not the only one. Gamers across the world agree, just go search on Twitter for “cod is dead” and you’ll see.

Infinite Warfare will be the nail in the coffin. Call of Duty is dead.

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