Airline Flights Are About To Get A Lot Better With Draft Beer

Airline Flights Are About To Get A Lot Better With Draft Beer

While airline travel is certainly more efficient than driving, it’s still far from an enjoyable experience. From waiting in check-in lines to TSA screening to delayed flights, it’s hard to have a good time on an airline flight. Of course, when your flight gets delayed, you can always make a stop at the all-hours airport bar to make traveling a little easier (although your wallet will certainly hate you for the $8 you spend per beer). You’d better drink your fill before the flight, though, because once you board, your options become so bad you’re almost better off not drinking at all. If only there was a way to get quality draft beer (read: not flat) on a flight, getting stuck in a middle seat might actually be manageable.

Luckily for you, draft beer may soon be available on a flight near you. In the past, you haven’t been able to get draft beer in the air due to the difference in air pressure – all that would come out of a tapped keg is pure foam. Thankfully for us, the Dutch decided this problem needed to be fixed, and their airline KLM will soon be offering draft Heineken that you can order at any elevation. After YEARS of testing designs, Heineken was finally able to create a keg and tapping system that worked. Talk about dedication. Unfortunately, to make this new keg system work, the cooling mechanism had to be omitted, meaning that the nozzle won’t automatically cool your beer for you. Not to worry, though, because the airplane kegs of Heineken will come pre-chilled and stored in what is essentially a Yeti for kegs, making sure that you’ll never have to endure the suffering of drinking a room temperature beer.

Since both KLM and Heineken are Dutch companies, unfortunately, their airline draft beer will start out only being available in Europe; however, as American demand rises for draft airplane beer, I’m sure that supply will follow. Go ahead and start hoarding those Southwest drink coupons you’ve been receiving in the mail, because soon you’ll be able to get something much, much better than a $3 glass of chardonnay.

[via Food & Wine]

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