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  • PG Drew 4 years ago on To The Fans

    Hard to find the words I want to say. Been with you all since 2013. I watched this website be depressing and an after thought at a time when TFM was raving but I felt too old to go there and look at what the college kids were doing. At the time of me posting this there are 230 comments. Simply unbelievable the growth from back in the day where 20 comments was remarkable. I’ve watched the restructuring of the company, from in house to remote writers, prior layoffs and the most painful of seeing bigmac part ways. I listen to enough podcast from in house to recognize the desire grandex has to be a brand. From rowdygentleman, to manoutfitters… the tfm movie to 20 different podcast. Grandex has continued to try and cast a big net instead of zeroing in on what makes them successful. The brand is only as strong as the content produced and the people producing it. When I think of grandex I think of Will, Dillon, Dave, Ross and Micah. These guys created the following. These people drove the traffic, not your fucking T-shirt’s. The latest sperrys on manoutfitters don’t push the numbers and build the brand, it’s these guys. I wish you all the best. You guys are wildly talented, charismatic and driven. You will be successful in whatever it is you do. When you land in your new journey I’ll support you, loyal to the people… not “the brand”.

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  • PG Drew 5 years ago on An Idiot's Attempt At Making New Friends

    This really hits close to home. I’m recently divorced and after being in the “couples group” for so many years I’m finding myself having to start over. It’s too awkward to go back to the group you used to spend every weekend with while you were with your ex but I’m really not sure how to meet people either. I considered a gym or the crossfit cult but then remembered I don’t like working out… Hang in there, you aren’t alone.

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  • PG Drew 6 years ago on All I Want In Life Is A Nice Lawn

    Our builder put our seed out in June and it didn’t rain for 3 weeks… No grass grew. In the fall we over-seeded and aerated and I watered that bitch twice a day for 3 weeks. Grass actually grew… Now we pay a company $49 a month to do the fertilizer bull shit and it looks just like our neighbors who put sod down. Did ours for under $300. It can be done but it takes work.

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  • PG Drew 6 years ago on Having Sex In The 1800s Had To Have Been Absolutely Terrible

    This reminds me of the Mel Gibson classic Apocalypto. This movie featured the Maya Civilization in the 16th Century. The movie opens up with a group of men going on a hunt. The attention turns towards a big guy named Blunted. Blunted may have been big but he could not produce a child. The guys made fun of him for it and the mother in law was a bitch about it. So one of the elders in the tribe after the hunt pulled him aside and gave him some lotion or some shit to put on his junk, said it would guarantee a child. Blunted and the crew go back to the village and the mother in law instantly berates him. Tells him to take her daughter in that tiki hut and give her the business, don’t come out until a baby has been made. Blunted can’t take it, his guys giving him hell, mother in law making fun of him in front of the village, he decided to take the old man’s lotion and put it on his junk. Next thing you know blunted is running out of the tiki hut screaming. HIS JUNK IS ON FIRE MAN! Not literal fire but it’s probably like icy hot on the balls or something feeling. So he dumps his junk directly in to some water to ease the pain. What does the Mrs. do? She runs out of that hut right over to their clean water supply and starts washing her mouth out. That is because she was giving blunted a beej to get him going prior to attempting to make a Blunted Jr. So there you have it. 16th century, Maya civilization, blow job.

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  • PG Drew 6 years ago on A Dude's Breakdown Of Week 6 Of "The Bachelor"

    Nick has let a lot of great talent go. When he left the room crying in front of the 6 remaining girls he chose to stay there stating, “he doesn’t know if he will find love this time either” I thought… he might be gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that and what he does in the bedroom of his own home is his choice, but he might be gay.

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  • PG Drew 6 years ago on The Touching Base Open Thread: February 2

    My favorite series on the site is the great American Novel of 2013 where Dillon shit his pants on a Friday. I would like this column to be read by Dillon as an audio book.

    Unrelated to the questions above, I watched the Wall last night solely because of this podcast and I loved it. 10/10.

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  • PG Drew 6 years ago on The Return

    The PGP motor is firing on all cylinders right now. Bolen’s coffee thoughts feel like the ole T-boost, the chase returned, Dillon is going to hit us with a mailbag after the best touching base podcast where the crew was transparent AF. Will hit us with a Chronicles of Todd and in celebration of our beloved Brian I will be bringing back #Lioning to the office.

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