A Dialogue: Car Lunch Or Solo At The Restaurant?

There will come a time during your career that you will be faced with the spectre of a solo lunch. You’re a lone wolf, and it’s time to feed. Come to terms with it if you haven’t already. Gone are the days of you hitting up D-Man and Jenkins to meet you at Alvin Ords at 1:30 on a Tuesday. By now you’ve probably eaten in your car more times than you’d like to admit. Or maybe you’ve embraced it. Wherever you stand, don’t let anyone tell you that #teamcarlunch is just a fad, because it’s here and it’s not going away.

So we’ve established that it’s a thing. Is it depressing? I say no. In fact, I contend that it’s one of the most empowering ways to spend your lunch break. Naturally, some disagree, and I’m cool with that. An unnamed coworker here at headquarters has been really battling me on this. What I’m trying to do here is start a dialogue, and if you’ve read this far, I have succeeded. But we need to answer this question:

What’s more depressing: Car lunch or eating alone inside the restaurant?

You know where I stand, but I’ll be objective here.

Car Lunch


Power Move
AM Radio
Aux Cord
Limited human interaction


Awkward eye contact with pedestrians
Burns fossil fuels

Solo Restaurant


Put out the vibe
Chipotle bar with a chill parking lot view
Crush emails
Let ’em know you’re a grind boy


Human interaction
Running into coworkers
Seeing that dude from college

I think I nailed it, guys. While I’ve never been one to run away from going solo at a local establishment, I’mma ride all day for car lunch nation. Am I wrong? Let me know. But no matter where you stand, get out there and munch.

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