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Remember: Today, On Election Day, Don’t Be A Boner

Just got wedding invitation to watch a live-steam of the ceremony in Hawaii. Not an invitation to attend but to stream it online. PGP

Post Grad Problems

Saying Farewell To The Work-Life Balance Because Nothing Is Sacred

Don’t Stop At Vaccines: 4 More Modern Medical Practices Society Should Abandon

Eating Disorders Don’t Just Make You Skinny: My Struggle With Binge Eating

Being reduced to a barista in khakis. PGP. Keeping the change. PGPM.

No One In America Has A Worse Stereotype Than Middle-Aged White Men

Saw the sun this morning. That’s how I knew I was late for work. PGP

Post Grad Problems

Getting bored of the same old stuff. PGP.

Wear A F**king Suit