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The 6 Most Traumatic Things Your Family Computer Went Through

From power gut to clinically obese in three months flat. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Not even bothering trying to sell your $30 grill. PGP.

Getting bored of the same old stuff. PGP.

I Took Black Market Boner Pills Before A Third Date With The Woman Of My Dreams And Blew It

We hired a hot girl. Oh god, we hired a hot girl. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

The only handicapped person in our office complex and I have the same poop schedule. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

36 Questions Every Man Will Ask Himself During The Holidays

Everyone in my company uses stand up desks. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

I don’t even know what my New Year’s resolution was for 2014. I do know that I didn’t keep it. PGP.

Post Grad Problems