Starbucks runs through my veins and fuels my post-grad soul. Talk Ravens football with me and I’m all yours. You can find me keeping it casual in the DMV.

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When the highlight of your week is getting on the PGP wall. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

My manager saw me wearing aviators and now everytime I call him he answers with, “Talk to me Goose.” PGP.

Post Grad Problems

I don’t soccer, but I also America so damn hard. A little thing called work didn’t stop me. PGP.

New background power move. PGP.

Admitting Defeat. PGP.

Contemplating stealing this just to see what will happen. PGP.

How about you go fuck yourself.

Yep. It’s wedding season. PGP.

This has been in the office fridge since March. Everyone has refused to touch it. Everyone. PGP.

Brand new soda machine and they put a password lock on it. PGP.