Starbucks runs through my veins and fuels my post-grad soul. Talk Ravens football with me and I’m all yours. You can find me keeping it casual in the DMV.

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My daily interaction with supervisors. PGP.

Every bumper sticker in my parking lot.

With a lack of common courtesy, comes cooties.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Mint being a real buzzkill. PGP.

When Ross Bolen and a Game Advisor from GameStop are the “People You Might Know” on LinkedIn. #PGP

Thanks for the endorsement. #PGP

I made the mistake by saying I’m going to chick-fil-a today. 6 separate orders. PGP.

Lady In Front Of Me Ordering 6 Burritos. #PGP

All my hard work has finally paid off! #PGP