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Subpar dancer. Mediocre sports journalist. Above average golfer. Excellent trivia team member.

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21 Power Moves You Can Pull At A Football Tailgate

Long blank stares at the ceiling before getting out of bed for work.

Post Grad Problems

Micah Mondays: The Perfect Show For Couples

Let Me Be The First To Wish You A Happy Pontoon Boat Season

For The Love Of God, Stop Using The Word “Adulting”

Co-workers using St. Patrick’s Day to justify lunch beers as if you don’t have them every Friday.

Post Grad Problems

Just received a reminder from HR on the company’s streaming policy.

Post Grad Problems

Every morning, my coworker tells me how good/bad she slept the night before.

Post Grad Problems

Things Girls Do After Graduation: Valentine’s Day

My job makes me change my password every two weeks. PGP.

Post Grad Problems