Just trying to achieve the impossible and be a tolerably basic girl.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on Ten Staples Of Any Basic Chick's Lifestyle

    I do way too many of these, so apparently I’ve shamelessly embraced the basic lifestyle. Now the goal is to avoid crossing the line between being basic and being like Girl in TGDAG.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on I'm Engaging In The Chase: A Fall From Grace

    Sorry that happened (twice). I agree changing your mind about meeting up is understandable, but I think it’s just common courtesy to send at least a “hey sorry can’t make it” text if concrete plans have been made.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on My Metabolism Is Crumbling And So Am I

    Personal trainers are great, but if they’re too expensive, there are also workout guides that are actually pretty decent at providing structured plans (Amanda Bisk, Kayla Itsines, etc). As a former college athlete who had to realize that the real world doesn’t allow for 3 hour/day workouts, I wasn’t sure if they would work for me to stay in shape but they’ve been surprisingly good for feeling strong and lean, especially if you eat as healthy as you already do.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on Why Do Girls Insist On Being Awkward?

    It’s totally okay to be awkward as a guy or girl; as EandD said, no one’s game is 100% perfect all the time. It’s less okay to define yourself as being awkward or “quirky” because you think that’s the new cool thing to be (which I’ve seen happen some for guys but definitely more for girls).

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  • jkay 8 years ago on How To Craft A Dating App Bio That Girls Won’t Make Fun Of Behind Your Back

    For me personally (please feel free to chime in, Best or Rachel or anyone else!), the pic with a dog doesn’t just show “does he have a cute dog that I can play with” (although that would be great), it’s more of a sign that you like dogs at least enough to pose with one and dogs are my favorite animal, so we have something in common. It’s also a good and easy conversation opener for us, and if we ask about the dog, even if it’s not yours, you can say it belongs to your friend but you wish you had one/had one as a kid/think the dog is so much fun/ask her if she has any pets, etc. As long as you’re prepared with a way to continue the conversation if we ask about it, that’s fine.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on Questions From The Chase: Should I Get Back With My Ex?

    100% agree. You’ve already brought it up with Jenny and she’s given multiple excuses so that’s a major sign that (sadly) she may not ever come around/want to go back to an official relationship, even though that’s what you’re hoping for. It seems like everything with Katie is going well, so I’d go with her. Something else to keep in mind is that it takes time to forget someone–hopefully as you hang out more with Katie, you gradually will start thinking about Jenny less and less.

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  • jkay 8 years ago on Rejection Is Overrated

    Current philosophy: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott

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  • jkay 8 years ago on Am I Doomed To Singledom For Eternity?

    Don’t worry about it! As cliché as it sounds, it’s all about timing. It’s great that you love your job, and you’re feeling secure in income/housing, and it seems like those have been your primary focus over the past years. Now that you’re confident in both of those, you hopefully have more time to try the dating scene (bars, dating apps, meeting friends of friends etc) if that’s what you want, and self-confidence is always attractive. 24 isn’t old at all, so don’t feel pressured (or panic) about trying to make it all happen immediately.

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