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  • JeepGuy 5 years ago on Writers' Roundtable: A Farewell To

    While it is unfortunate this has to happen when it is not on your own terms, PGP was really just a medium to engage a great community of talented writers and the associated commenters/community. It is great to see that some of the writers are in high spirits and are going on to do other things like podcasts and continuing to write, and the community will continue to follow them and engage. There is opportunity in chaos…and I am confident a lot of awesome things are going to come from this.

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  • JeepGuy 6 years ago on An Introduction To Credit Cards

    Great article for someone who is deep in the CC game (currently at ~13 cards). The name of the game is the sign up bonuses. Getting 1-5% back is great and all but unless you spend some ridiculous amount of money the focus should be more on the upfront bonuses. Just make sure to keep track of annual fees and ‘downgrade’ cards (such as the CSR) to a free card (such as Chase Freedom) before the second annual fee hits for cards you are not using regularly and only use for the bonus. In the past 2 years I’ve accumulated ~1M points across a number of different programs which allows me to travel for free whenever I want. It’s also a game of diminishing returns seeing that there are at any given time like half a dozen cards with mega value (such as new Amex Gold if you have a referral, ~$920 first year in value for a $250 annual fee). The first point in this article should trump any advice anyone tells you though, if you carry a balance I promise all these sign up bonuses are for nothing and will only be detrimental. Highly recommend checking out the /churning subreddit to anyone who wants to learn more its been a great resource for myself.

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  • JeepGuy 6 years ago on Your Friday At The Office In A Nutshell

    Duda definitely has this down to a science, I bet he easily covers his bar tab for the weekend by cranking out these articles that at this point I bet take him 15 minutes to write/edit each day

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  • JeepGuy 6 years ago on Personal Banking 101 From Your Friend At The Bank

    Just got the Charles Schwab Plat. It has all the same benefits but you can transfer you points at a rate of 1.25 cents/1 MR point to a Charles Schwab brokerage account (which you can invest or just cash out right away), which gives you an effective cash back on hotels/flights of 6.25% cash back. If you parlay that with the new Amex Gold Card you would also be getting 5% cash back on restaurants and groceries. Also the plat has the $200 airline incidental credit (which is every calendar year so you get it twice your first year) which you can use to buy United/Southwest gift cards. I’ve already like 7 chase cards so I have enough UR points to travel for a while so rather just focus on cash back at this point. All depends how much you travel though, if you hardly fly there is little value here IMO.

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  • JeepGuy 6 years ago on The Case For Waiting (At Least) Three Months Before Going Exclusive

    This seems overly complicated. Current girlfriend I was seeing like 3-4 times a week for a month I just told her one day I wasn’t interested in seeing other people, to which she replied the same. Then she gave me the “so….does this mean you’re my bf” to which I said yes I would like that. And I was someone who used to have and proclaim a 2 month rule but all these rules go out the window if you find the right person and it feels right.

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  • JeepGuy 7 years ago on I've Become A Cougar And I'm Not Going Back

    I’m all in for older women for Q4. Need to change things up a bit. I’m 23 and been chatting with a 31 year old on hinge for a while now setting up a date. I told my mom this and to her horror she responded “why do you torment me like this” but until I see a reason not to, I’m going to gun for the older women crowd. Interesting to see though if these older women are generally cougars or just entertain the idea of changing up the scenery as well from divorced dad’s and older guys.

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  • JeepGuy 7 years ago on The Three Date Rule For Sex Is Apparently Dead

    I jokingly told a girl on a first date I have a strict 3 date rule. By the third date (using the word date, liberally) she whispered in my ear while making out “so this counts as our third date, right?” and the rest was history. Maybe it was coincidence but I may be using that line on a first date in the future.

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  • JeepGuy 7 years ago on Nobody Goes On Dates Anymore

    I think Friday/Saturday night dinner is a lot. I usually do first date as weekday drinks and second/third would be doing some activity, casual weekday dinner, or some weekend drinks that could parlay to a full night out. However I was surprised by the good time I had on a recent Sunday night first date (dinner) but it was someone I had known/hung out with a few times. I think it comes down to context of meeting, if I meet someone on bumble a first date that’s Saturday night dinner just seems real hardo or a waste of time/money.

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