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UPDATE: The PGA Has Issued A Hilarious Statement Regarding The Hair Editing Allegations

When people are noticeably surprised when you get to the office before 9:00 am. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Got a 3% raise…Do I press my luck and ask the company for a french press in the break room?

Post Grad Problems

This guy every commute. Every right turn.

Got a four percent raise today. It would barely cover my cable bill if I had one to begin with. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

It’s Time For Whataburger To Replace In-N-Out As The Superior Burger Chain In America

No, really. F**k your pumpkin spice latté.

John Oliver’s Latest Fight Is Against Your Precious Pumpkin Spice Latté

Having the worst Excel game in the office. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

My boss got beer for the office to celebrate a closing. He got Blue Moon. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Shamelessly “nice work”ing all my comments. PGP.

Post Grad Problems