Things Girls Do After Graduation: Engagement Party

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Things Girls Do After Graduation: Engagement Party

She didn’t know what to do with herself in the back of their Uber. With Todd sitting in front seat talking to the driver about baseball, they were heading forty-five minutes north of downtown to Caroline’s dad’s house. He resided at a country club, and she explained to Todd that “Ubering there is so much easier than trying to find a parking spot.”

In typical Alex fashion, she sent a group message to each of the girls asking what each one of them was wearing. It was clear Alex was running late (again), as she and Todd were also already running late in the first place.

“Ugh,” she said in the back. “Typical Alex. Late again.”

Todd turned his head back from the front seat. “Where is she?”

“Still getting dressed, I think,” she remarked. “Like, how do you not figure that out in advance?”

Todd shrugged before giving her a compliment. “You look great, babe.”

She smiled, but only until the next sentence came out of his mouth.

“But aren’t you not supposed to wear white to these things unless you’re the bride?”

She looked down at her white blouse and pants in disgust of what Todd had just said. Sure, she thought. You’re not supposed to wear white, but do those rules even apply anymore? Especially in the middle of summer?

“Oh,” she responded. “Just because Caroline is getting married, she all of the sudden has a monopoly on the color white now? Yeah, okay, that makes total sense.”

As they pulled up to Caroline’s dad’s house, they told their driver to simply pull in the driveway and let them out. Neither of them had been to the house before, and Todd gawked at how large it was. As they emerged from the Nissan Sentra, she shout-whispered to him to stop ogling at the house. “It’s hardly bigger than where I grew up,” she said. “Act like you’ve been to a nice house before.”

They could see a large, white tent in the house’s backyard where the party was taking place. As they approached the front door with a gift in tow, they entered without knocking and saw Caroline standing in the entrance room with John’s parents. Each giving somewhat of a shriek, the girls tip-toed towards each other and hugged before Caroline introduced her to John’s parents whom Todd had already met.

John’s mom, Trudy, leaned forward and whispered into her ear – “Look how skinny Caroline’s gotten!”

“Oh, stop it!” Caroline jokingly pleaded, taking it as a compliment rather than a criticism. “I’ve always been this weight.” But the truth of the matter was that Caroline had not eaten a carb since the moment John’s ring touched her finger.

During the exchange, John’s dad nodded his head towards Todd and John to head to the back where the bar was. “Well,” he began, “If we’re gonna be here, might as well take advantage of the bar I’m paying for. You boys like cigars?”

Caroline took the gift she and Todd had brought and put it on a chest near the coatroom. Without saying thank you, she led them to the stone back porch where the untouched buffet was. There was a congregation of men standing by the bar, none of whom had any idea what to do with themselves. Meanwhile, Caroline’s mom put her sunglasses back on and stumbled off to get another dirty martini.

“Sooooo,” she asked Caroline. “Have y’all decided on a wedding hashtag yet?”

Caroline laughed before saying, “Ugh, no, between this and the wedding shower, I’ve barely had time to think about anything.” The fact of the matter was, she had already mentally solidified a hashtag before John had even proposed.

“Well what am I supposed to put in my Instagram caption today if y’all don’t even have a hashtag yet?” she again asked Caroline, half-joking but half-serious.

Caroline laughed to herself until she looked over and saw her mom at the bar. One of John’s fraternity brothers was hitting on her and she knew she’d have to intervene. But just as she began walking across the lawn, she looked over and saw Megan walking into the party.

“Megan!” she shouted. “Over here!”

As Megan approached, she looked at her and said, “Oh my God, can you believe this house?”

“I mean, sure, it’s okay,” she mumbled back. “Anyway, how are you? I think I’m still a little hungover from girls night.”

“Ugh, me too, too much champs for one night.”

As the girls stood and mingled, Todd and Finn approached them while laughing about Caroline’s mom. Finn had been there before Todd had showed up, so when they approached the girls, he gave them both a big hug and expressed how great it was to see them. He smelled like scotch.

A slightly awkward silence fell between the group after the pleasantries were exchanged, only for Finn to pipe up and break it.

“So do you girls know who the Maid of Honor is yet?”

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