Dillon Cheverere fields your questions from you, our readers.

Mailbag: Two Guys Sharing A Bed On Trips, Uncircumcised And Insecure, And When You’re Too Old To Be A Virgin

Mailbag: Boyfriends Going To Strip Clubs, The Inability To Achieve Orgasm, And Going To Concerts Alone

Mailbag: Group Shot Etiquette, When It’s Okay To Rehome Your Dog, And Texting Vs. DMing

Mailbag: Where To Hook Up If You Both Live With Mom And Dad, Getting Shit Back From An Ex, And When The Time Is Right To Get A Dog

Mailbag: Her Having The Same Name As Your Mom, Sucking At Fortnite, And Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

Mailbag: Your Girlfriend Having Sexual History With Your Boys, Touching Base Playing Matchmaker, And Work Week Lunch Dates

Mailbag: Sex With A Full-Leg Cast On, Dos and Don’ts Of NOLA Bachelor Party, And “She’s Perfect Except…”

Mailbag: “Bros” Before Hoes, Friendzone Problems, And Horny Little Bastards

Mailbag: Breaking Up A Wedding, Thoughts On Short Hair For Girls, And Choosing The U.S. City In Which To Live

Mailbag: A Boyfriend Who Can’t Climax, Liking Your Friend’s Girlfriend’s IG Posts, And Dillon Gets Asked Out

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