Dillon Cheverere fields your questions from you, our readers.

Mailbag: Dog Breeder vs. Adoption, One Girl Tagging Along On Bachelor Party, And Heavy Flirting Vibes From GF’s Best Friend

Mailbag: “Liking” Your Significant Other’s Hot Friends’ Pics, Not Taking Your Husband’s Last Name, And Having Two Bachelor Parties

Mailbag: Bachelor Party Planning Hell, Dating With An Age Gap, And The Worst Fantasy Football Punishment Of All Time

Mailbag: The Selfishness Of Dry Weddings, Three Years Without Sex, And Watching Adult Movies With Your SO

Mailbag: Destination Wedding Gift Etiquette, Facials, And The Guy Not Reaching For The Check On A Date

Mailbag: When To Retire Your Greek Shirts, The Importance Of First-Date Drinks, And A Girlfriend’s Racist Dad

Mailbag: Splitting Rent With Your Brokeboy Boyfriend, Talking Politics With Far-Right Parents, And Finding Threesome Participants

Mailbag: Shooting Your Shot For Shy People, Sexting A Guy 101, And The Bride’s Family Paying For The Wedding

Mailbag: Smelly Gym Guy, First Date Transportation Etiquette, And Am I The Only One NOT Doing Coke?

Mailbag: A Girlfriend’s Sketchy STI Test, Your Friend Right-Swiping On Your Girl, And Is It Okay To Rock The Swoop Hairstyle?

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