May The Fourth Be With You Is Classic Big Calendar Propaganda

May The 4th Is Just Classic Big Calendar Propaganda

I’m a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. I’ve read the books, and if I’m flipping channels and see one of the movies I’ll clear out my calendar to watch it. The same can be said of Harry Potter, though I’m getting burnt out on Freeform streaming HP weekends like they’re paying off a gambling debt to JK Rowling. Regardless, my point is that I understand fandom. So when I say May the 4th Be With You is stupid, it’s not because I think Star Wars or its fans are stupid. It’s not because I despise puns either. It’s because May the 4th Be With You is nothing more than an IRL hashtag, and that’s just dumb.

If May the 4th Be With You were simply about people who enjoyed Star Wars proclaiming their enjoyment I’d have no problem with it. But it’s not about Star Wars at all. It’s internet currency. It’s nothing more than likes and shares. Why else do you think this is the only day you’re going to see (insert any Instagram model’s name here) in nothing but a Stormtrooper helmet and a thong? You’ll never see them post Star Wars gear any of the other 364 calendar days, but every May the 4th they’re decked out in it like they just robbed a Disney World gift shop.

Your friends that are so hellbent on forcing Facebook to guess their concert history? They can’t wait for May the 4th Be With You. Never mind that most of them probably haven’t watched a Star Wars movie from beginning to end that was made before 2010. That’s irrelevant, because May the 4th Be With You is just another chance for them to try to grab some Internet relevancy. They’ll make one, probably two posts about the franchise, one of which will be incorrect in some way, and then the next day they’ll be posting about tacos and tequila and getting “Cinco de Drunko.”

This year’s May the 4th Be With You should likely be particularly insufferable compared to past days. Since this is the first one for warring social media crusaders still ravaged with election PTSD, I’d put the politically laden posts in the five figure range. Because nothing makes anything more universally liked than ramrodding it with your politics, right?

Ultimately, my beef with May the 4th Be With You is its total pointlessness. It takes a classic piece of work and fetishizes it in the name of social media stardom. If you want to post about Star Wars, go for it. Do it on June 3rd, September 15th, hell buck the Thanksgiving trend and spend the day binging Star Wars instead of football and turkey. You don’t need to wait for Zuckerberg and the corporate schmucks at Big Calendar to tell you what days you’re allowed to proselytize your fandom. Be a leader, break from the flock.

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