Insanely Oblivious Commuter Isn’t Sure He Should Leave His Car As Houston Flood Waters Submerge It

Oblivious Commuter Ever Sure He Should Leave His Car As Houston Flood Waters Submerge It

Everything turned out okay, so it’s basically fine to laugh at this guy. I mean, sure, it’s kind of mean-spirited, but what am I supposed to do with a guy sitting in a quickly sinking car, asking whether or not he should leave it as water rises up to his neck? Empathize? That’s literally not possible. Sympathize? I don’t know this guy’s back story, but assuming he’s a more or less mentally healthy individual I don’t have much of that for him either. It’s like watching someone shouting to firefighters from the second floor window of a burning house, “Should I just stay up here or what? Stay? Did you say stay? Okay. Wait, what? I can’t hear you over the roaring flames. I’ll wait here until you speak louder.”

It’s also worth noting that, if you live in Texas (as I do), then every spring you are inundated like this man’s car with warnings to not drive into water. When there’s a flash flood watch, hell when there’s even just rain, every possible form of communication imaginable is telling you about it, and also saying, “DO NOT DRIVE INTO FUCKING WATER.”

What’d he do? He drove into water. This is like living in Oklahoma and taking shelter in a greenhouse during a tornado warning. How do you not know better?

I’m still worried about this gentleman, though. It looks like he took about three mouthfuls of floodwater as he doggy paddled from his car to the reporter. That water is mostly swamp filth, human waste, and drowned animals. He should see a doctor today.

Essentially, this man is exactly who you imagine when another driver does something astoundingly stupid around you. Ever somehow get cut off by a car going 15 miles under the speed limit on the highway? This guy was behind the wheel. Ever see someone make a full stop before making an easy right turn on a busy street? This guy. Ever see someone drive into eight feet of water and just stay sit there wondering, “Well what the heck is all this stuff?” This guy.

The rescue didn’t look like much, but that reporter probably saved this guy’s life. Watching this was like seeing the classic frog and boiling water adage play out in real life. You shove an old man’s head underwater and he’ll fight back. You take a few minutes to fill an old man’s car up with water and he’ll just sit there and drown.

[via ABC 7]

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