Idiotic Texas Man Gets “The Dress” Tattooed On Himself

We all lived through the great dress debate of 2015. You saw two very distinct colors and when you realized that friends, family, and random Internet strangers were seeing colors that were SO CLEARLY WRONG, you yelled, broke things, and came up with insults so harsh that you were actually scared of the amount of evil potential you never knew you had inside you until that night. Your significant other probably slept on the couch, and you believed your relationships to be forever tainted by the stupidity of the situation. Eventually when you saw the other color scheme – or at least acknowledged its existence – you laughed a little and you moved on. Well, at least most of you did. One Texas man so committed to Team Black and Blue decided to get #TheDress tattooed on his body because he’s an asshole (and also wrong, because the dress is obviously white and gold).

Did this tonight! #teamwhiteandgold #thedress

A photo posted by Nick York (@nickyork9000) on

Listen, dude, just because you get an image permanently inked on your body doesn’t mean you’re right. I’m sure there are tons of people who have “live, laugh, love” tattooed on their ribcages in Chinese characters when really the tattoo artist is laughing all the way to the bank because he just Google image searched Asian symbols and your tattoo really says “lettuce.” Like with all men, this stubborn inability to admit he’s wrong is definitely going to come back and bite him in the ass. I can’t wait until this guy is taking a lady home and about to get busy when he gets a slap in the face because she’s Team White and Gold. At least now when I pick a fight with my boyfriend for no good reason, I’ll be able to argue that compared to this guy, I can totally let things go – but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget that time you didn’t pick your underwear up off the floor last week.

[via NY Daily News]

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