Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Pre-Thanksgiving

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Pre-Thanksgiving

For me, the weekend before Thanksgiving tends to be a quiet one. No traveling while I start to prepare my body for the tryptophan-and-carb fest that will be Thanksgiving, and the total waste of a day that will be working the day after Thanksgiving. As such, the weekend was a pretty good one – lazy and boring, but good. But for these people… well, I’m sure they are hoping that Thanksgiving has better things in store for them.

Bernie Beaudry

Sometimes, life is all a matter of timing. In the right place at the right time? Cool things happen. In the wrong place at the wrong time? Well, you could get trucked by Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph.

Bernie Beaudry, the FOX sound technician, was one tough mofo as that he actually worked the game after that. But a question remains: was this payback for FOX inexplicably photoshopping Vikings QB Sam Bradford’s head onto other QBs bodies? Probably not… but the team did troll the network via Twitter during Sunday’s game.

Classic. [via Bleacher Report]

Hummus Lovers

Confession time: I hate hummus. I feel that admitting that could get me booted from the human race, but I’m nothing if not honest. Yes, I know it’s good for me, but the texture of it just totally grosses me out. And now it turns out that because of my hatred of pureed chickpeas, I’m not the ones worrying if I’m going to get Listeria.

On Saturday, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that Sabra, one of the big names in hummus, is voluntarily recalling some of their hummus and spreads due to concerns about a possible Listeria contamination. According to CNN, the FDA said, “The products were manufactured before November 8 at a plant where Listeria monocytogenes have been found, but the bacteria has not been found in products that have been tested.” Still, the company decided to recall the products, which were distributed in the U.S. and Canada and have a “best before” date through January 23, 2017.

See? Sometimes not being healthy pays off. [via CNN]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In yet another admission likely to get me expelled from the cool kids table, I never got the whole Harry Potter thing either. It just didn’t do it for me. And apparently, the latest film installment of the Wizarding World franchise didn’t do it for moviegoers this weekend.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earned $75 million at the domestic box office during its opening weekend, a decent showing for sure. But given that the figure is less than the lowest earning Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and the fact that there wasn’t all that much competition at the theaters this weekend, it’s not great.

Also to consider: this film is the first of a reported five; for comparisons’ sake, the first Harry Potter grossed $90 million its first weekend, but was made for $55 million less than this first Fantastic Beasts movie. J.K. Rowling had better work some magic for the rest of these movies, or the folks at Warner Bros. aren’t going to be too happy. [via Mashable]

De’Angelo Ballard

As a quarterback, there’s got to be something particularly demoralizing about losing a game 55-0, as Alabama A&M did on Saturday to Auburn. But it’s got to be made even worse when you’re intercepted after the ball bounces off your own helmet after being batted down by the opposing team.

On the upside… I know now that Alabama A&M exists. [via ESPN]

Poor Dudes

It’s got to be rough being a dude who is short on funds. I’m the exact opposite of that – a lady who makes a decent living – so I can’t really understand your pain, but I imagine it’s not a good time. But there is some good news – you’ll be out of your misery sooner rather than later.

According to a new study from East Tennessee State University, poor men live almost a full decade less than richer men. The study, which examined median incomes in counties across the country and compared them with life expectancy, found that richer men in the U.S. live until 79.3 on average, while financially challenged men only live until 69.8.

Good news for us ladies, though: whether you are poor (76 years) or rich (83 years), we’re still going to live longer than the guys. Sorry, bros. [via Daily Mail]

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