Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Well, it was the first weekend of April! Time to get out and enjoy the fresh air, right? Mmm, not so much, if you live, like I do, in one of the many places that got snow this weekend. Although, honestly, I simply used the crappy weather in my area as an excuse to stay in and do a whole bunch of nothing for the first time in a while, and it was glorious. Or at the very least, it made for a better weekend than the one that these people had.


I find it hard to feel bad for Jay-Z in any way. I mean, he’s a multi-millionaire, he’s married to Beyoncé, and he’s one of the most talented rappers in the game. But no one likes to be lied to, and it looks like Hova was lied to, big time.

According to TMZ, Mr. Carter suing the former owners and execs of his music streaming service Tidal for $15 million, “claiming they grossly exaggerated their subscribers while luring him in for the purchase.”

Jay claims that he was told by the execs that Tidal had over 500,000 subscribers when he bought his stake for $56 million in March 2015. The service has recently hit 3,000,000 subscribers, but Jay now asserts that number was actually much lower when he made his investments and that the number of subscribers was a factor in determining the amount that he plunked down. Ouch.

[Via TMZ]

Oklahoma Sooners Basketball

Sure, Syracuse lost their game too, but not quite as embarrassingly as Oklahoma lost to Villanova.

The second leading scorer in the nation, Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield, aka “Buddy Buckets,” had been averaging 29 points per game in the tournament heading up to Saturday’s game against Villanova. However, he was held to just nine points, making 4-of-12 shots, including 1-of-8 from three-point range.

Villanova’s 95-51 rout of Oklahoma was a very different result from the last time the two teams played each other; on December 7, Oklahoma beat Villanova 78-55 in Hawaii. And according to Villanova’s Josh Hart, that loss drove the Wildcats this time around; he told reporters, “”We saw what they did to us in Pearl Harbor. We were dialed in defensively, ready to step up for each other. That’s really what we did. We were just so dialed in defensively.”

Looks like it worked, because the Sooners will be watching Monday’s championship game at home. Maybe next year, Boomer Sooner. [Via CNN]

The Husband of Victoria Reid

The old quote is “cheaters never win,” right? Well, if you’re the cheating husband of Florida woman Victoria Reid, you not only don’t win, you also apparently get shot in the nuts – by way of the knee.

60-year-old Reid confronted her unnamed husband over an affair he was having and shot him in the knee during the altercation. The bullet then wound up lodging in his testicles.

There is no word on her husband’s condition, but Reid was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

Guess his cheating just drove her nuts? Get it? Nuts?

[Via The New York Post

This Mascot

Unless you are one of those people who are into “furries” (aka people who like to have a sex while wearing mascot outfits), I have to imagine that going out dressed as a mascot – much less a pancake mascot – is humiliating. But what if on top of it, you got knocked down by a college basketball player?

Mississippi State guard Chris Sword was participating in the NCAA Dunk Contest, which was sponsored by Denny’s (ahhh, the pancake makes sense now), when he flattened the foam flapjack, not once, but twice. Both times Sword went to the rack, the hampered hotcake had to be helped up by other players.

However, the pancake wasn’t the only loser of the night; Sword was as well, losing the contest to Devan Douglas of University of Mary. [Via The Daily Mail]

This Poor Kid

No one likes to be spurned by a member of the opposite sex. But to have it happen publically? On stage?

Well, at least that cutie on his right is into him. [Via Mashable]

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