Did Walgreens Really Sell Hanukkah Wrapping Paper With Swastikas On It?

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Imagine you’re shopping at your local drugstore, looking for Christmas wrapping paper, when all of a sudden, you see a roll of paper with a crucified Jesus and a bunch of Roman soldiers giving a big thumbs up. Or an image of the devil, whipping out his big, red schlong. Or a big middle finger accompanied by the slogan, “Fuck you and your beliefs.”

Well, that’s pretty much what happened over the weekend when California resident Cheryl Shapiro was shopping with her grandson at her local Walgreens and came across some wrapping paper with, well, a symbol that will instantly offend anyone with the last name “Shapiro”–especially a “Grandma Shapiro.”

Yeah, that’s right. A Los Angeles Walgreens was selling wrapping paper with a geometric design containing swastikas.

Shapiro told the store manager, who pulled it off the shelves immediately. Other stores in the area quickly did the same. She told Los Angeles affiliate KABC, “I saw it immediately. I think I have a good eye. [My Rabbi] couldn’t believe it. I’m still very upset about it, that something like this could be on the market.”

If you’re reading this and are ready and raring to call me out in the comments for being, as the kids would say, “butthurt” about this topic, save it. I more than recognize that this is accidental…probably. Someone on Reddit said it’s not so much a swastika since it resembles a “meander,” which is a design style popular in Ancient Greece. Then again, in the same thread, another Reddit user pointed out that it looks like the symbol of Greece’s Golden Dawn party, which many have described as a neo-Nazi organization.

But that’s neither here nor there. I told you that I’m not offended because I’m Jewish, for once.

No, I’m mainly shocked about how fucking dumb SO MANY PEOPLE had to be for this to get on the fucking shelves of a fucking national chain store. Someone had to design this wrapping paper. Someone then had to approve the design. Someone had to make the decision to send this design to production, and someone had to oversee said production. Then someone had to distribute this product to stores, including Walgreens. Some people at Walgreens had to approve and subsequently buy this product. Then employees at various Walgreens had to put this product on the shelves. Granted, I’m no expert in supply chain economics, but this seems like a BUNCH of levels of people are complete and utter dipshits.

Yes, certain people on certain levels had no choice but to stock this product, as it comes from a higher authority. They were just following orders, after all (I swear to God, that was a cheeky joke, not an overt Nazi allegory).

The fact that not a single person noticed this until a Jewish grandma waltzed into the store is just fucking baffling. Scary to see that people still get away with this kind of shit–even scarier to see how many people don’t notice, or are just completely oblivious.

[via International Business Times]

Image via Wikipedia Commons

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