Being Tired At Work Is As Good As Being Drunk, Per Study

If You're Tired At Work You're As Good As Drunk, Per Study

Nobody gets 7 hours of sleep anymore. It’s basically impossible. There’s just too much going on that either 1) eats into those 7 hours, or 2) keeps you up at night. For me, it’s Ranger baseball on the West Coast, Clippers-Blazers, or just falling into a Reddit wormhole of Jon Snow theories, most of which I’ve already read after he was repeatedly stabbed by his shithead coworkers. Now it looks like I may as well just show up hammered to the office if you believe a new study out of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Findings showed that 74% of Americans are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night which isn’t shocking to me because I work with a bunch of twenty-somethings that stay up all night watching Pawn Stars or going to trendy West 6th Street bars. It’s not only a big deal because you stroll in looking like death, but your sleep deprived work product is going to look like the work of a drunk asshole.

From VICE:

Sleep psychologist William David Brown told NPR that missing a night of sleep is equal to having a blood-alcohol level of about 0.1, which is over the legal limit for driving. “About a third of your employees in any big company are coming to work with an equivalent impairment level of being intoxicated,” Brown told NPR.

Presuming that there’s no coffee or other stimulants involved, I can see how that would be true. 0.1 though? Doesn’t that seem a little absurd? I mean, yeah, everybody in here is sleep deprived right now, but nobody is stumbling around trying to bum cigs with their eyes glazed over. Except Will deFries. I think he had a long night of soul searching.

Conclusion: If you’re tired, you’re drunk. End of story.

[via VICE]

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