9-5ers Of The World Describe The Most “Michael Scott” Thing Their Bosses Have Ever Done

9-5ers Of The World Describe The Most “Michael Scott” Thing Their Bosses Have Ever Done

I think every office has a Michael Scott. They might not be as outlandish and ridiculous as the beloved TV branch manager, but there are Michael Scott qualities in every office across the country.

If you don’t immediately know who the Michael Scott is in your office, it’s probably you.

Recently, some kind strangers on the internet shared with us the most ‘Michael Scott’ thing their boss ever did in real life. You will be happy you read through this thread.

From Reddit:

To boost morale, he put out a “Smile Box.” It was a cardboard box filled with 100 $1bills. People were allowed to take a dollar, but they had to stand there and smile for 60 seconds. He believed this would make people happier.
The box was empty in a matter of hours. Everyone was still miserable. The box disappeared the next day.

Sounds like a classic Season Four Michael right there.

My boss gave herself an award and proceeded to show it off to everyone higher up than her.

There is nothing more impressive than a real-life Dundee.

When he pages someone over the intercom he instructs them to report to “the senior vice president’s office” instead just saying “please come to Gary’s office”. We have like 20 people that work here. Everyone knows it’s him when he starts the page. He likes hearing his own voice and title.

Can only combat this by snipping his phone cord a la Jim.

Nothing really crazy, but I had a boss that had everyone introduce themselves before a meeting by stating their name, their position and where they were on 9/11. After 30 people, it got really depressing.

Were you merging with the Stamford branch?

Gathered everyone in the office kitchen to demonstrate exactly how he liked his coffee made, but pitched it as if he was letting everyone in on the secret to making the perfect coffee and we’d all be thankful to him later.
He proceeds to make a completely fucking normal instant coffee in pretty much the only way it’s possible to make it.

Sounds like a classic pre-opening credits sketch.

My former boss never had me do any ‘work’ related work. I have booked him dancing lessons, drove around the state looking for soup that didn’t exist, created schedules for the basketball team he coached, shopped for ridiculous things for him etc. it was a GREAT job to have during college but I didn’t learn a damn thing except for how to deal with a pain in the ass lol. He also would tell me to tell clients he was at meetings but really he was at sporting events or some other fun thing. The man never worked.

Look! A real-life Pam!

Trying to pick the company health insurance policy so he “polls the leadership team for input” at an executive all-hands. CEO states that we’re all young and healthy so no one needs things like dental, or optical. Half of our executive team is wearing glasses. He moves on.

Sounds more like a Dwight, tbh

My old boss said if we made a sales goal she would record a rap video specific to us as a prize.


My former boss just got a promotion and left our workplace. He bought HIMSELF a going away full sized sheet cake, 18″ x 24″, 80 servings. He cut off a small corner at his going away party and then proceeded to close the cake box and take home the other 79 servings instead of sharing any of it with anyone. He was a really good boss and I will miss him but that was pretty typical of him too.

That’s honestly hilarious and something I would do, too.

He has fallen asleep while speaking with me and signing some paperwork. Then when I woke him, played it off like nothing happened.
Regularly spills coffee all over himself.
Hung up on his daughter while she was telling him over the phone she was accepted to medical school, with nothing more than an ‘OK. bye’.
Gets out of confrontational conversations with other department heads and clients by mumbling incoherently or with irrelevant statements. They usually don’t know how to respond and he just sort of slinks out of it.

We are looking at peak Michael Scott behavior, folks.

He was spelling his name over the phone to someone and when he got to the “i” in his name he said “i, as in… um… I.”

Can’t think of a better way to describe a letter.

Told the most inappropriate joke to me at work, in front of about 10 people.
-What do you call nuts on your chest? “Uh, chestnuts?” -What do you call nuts on a wall? “Uh, walnuts?” -What do you call nuts on your chin? “Uh, I don’t know?” -A dick in your mouth!
Awkwardness throughout the whole room ensues…

That’s only Michael Scott on HBO.

He put a fake severed head in my bottom desk drawer and watched me from the corner of the room to see if it scared me. I just looked up (in a very Jim way) and blinked a few times and then closed the drawer. The look on his face was pure defeat. He was actually upset it didn’t scare me, like that’s all he thought about the night before and I completely ruined his day.

Anybody who compares themselves to Jim is not a Jim. They are an Andy.

I’ve answered this before, but my old boss once talked to me loudly about how he didn’t understand how tampons worked, then when I provided a perfunctory explanation, exclaimed that the only thing women should be sticking up there are penises.

What good is a subordinate if he can’t set up his boss with an A+ joke?

I work at a fortune 500 company. In the middle of an important meeting which was based around my boss, she leans over to me and whispers “I’m organizing a flash mob for later this year. I want you to be a part of it”

Flash Mobs and Michael Scott go together like PB and J.

Mid level manager. Had eyes for the shy clerk girl. At a company wide conference, in front of the maybe 250 fellow employees, starts his presentation with “They say that when you make a presentation in front of a lot of people, you should imagine your audience naked.” Looks directly at the girl… “Thank you shy-clerk-girl”.
You can imagine the crushed look on her face and the reaction of the audience, half chuckling, half gasping and a prolonged awkward silence.

That’s a pretty smooth opening line, in my opinion.

My grandfather passed away back in February. I flew back east for the funeral, and when I got back my boss was talking to me to see how everything went and touch base. The extent of the conversation was this:
Boss: “How was the funeral?”
Me: “About what you’d expect from a funeral. It was a nice service.”
Boss: “Did you see……..the…body?”
Me: “Yes.”

Asking the tough questions. Just like Detective Michael Scarn.

Boss wanted to give his tie to one of my coworkers before a meeting to look more professional. The company we were meeting with don’t wear ties, our company doesn’t wear ties, both companies know this.
My coworker was wearing a lumberjack style shirt. So my boss wanted him to wear a formal tie with a short sleeved, lumberjack style shirt… to look more “professional.”

I’m imagining this happening to Dwight and now I’m sad The Office is gone forever.

Wore all black when he fired someone. He also announced at a staff meeting, “if you see me here in all black, I’m here to walk someone to the door,” aka firing them. HE FUCKING WORE BLACK ALL THE TIME JUST TO FUCK WITH US.

This is some quality trolling. Too legit for Michael Scott.

Slept with a hot plate next to his bed and accidentally stepped on it one morning. (I’m my own boss)

At least you woke up to the smell of bacon.

Have your own Michael Scott boss story? Share it in the comments. I would, but my boss is Dave and I don’t want to offend him. To read the rest of this thread and its replies, clicks HERE.

[via Reddit]

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